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Bolton Wanderers 1 Watford 0 (09/09/06) 10/09/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Today’s one word match report is:




1. hornetboy84 - 10/09/2006

Other one word responses ………!

Ditto !

How !!

Gutted !!

Why !!

Aggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!

More worded response:

I had to cancel my trip to Bolton earlier this week as it proved impossible to juggle work and home life to take up a freebie that was offered to me. However given that I was going to be sitting with my friends mum (a bolton fan) in her season ticket seat .. it was probably just as well I didn’t go.

Firstly I hate not sitting with the away singing sections – let alone in the enemy side. I once famously declined the offer of a box at Tottenham (dinner all thrown in free) simply because their boxes are enclosed with sound piped in and I prefered to pay £25 to sit with the real fans. A 4-0 Boxing day drubbing and lack of food available due to an 11.30 KO nearly made me change my approach.

Secondly. I would have lost a friend for life – given my response to the 96 mins 0 seconds penalty (listening at home to 3 Counties) I would have been clearly identified as a Hornet invader had I been in the Reebok and my friend would inevitably lose her season ticket to the authorities. (They are apparently equally as anal as certain sections of the Rookery faithful to the odd intruder). Listening to Kings “miss” and MacKay’s header clipping the bar I had stupidly uttered “oh – well. I guess I would settle for a draw now – 4 points vs Fulham & Villa and its an adequate start” when the inevitable happened. My response to Shittu’s late intervention to stop a very unluck draw was filled with many approapriately linked expletives.

In retrospect this loss of a point may be a good thing. (Straws/clutching etc.) We learned lessons last year (e.g.3-2 Sheff U) that certainly stood us in good stead. A point from a game we should have won would have been one of consolation. A “never mind” attitude but at least we have another point. A loss is so much of a dramatic injustice that I truly believe we will continue to perform like wounded lions and tear into the next 2 games with an even more astonishing performance. (As I said Straws and clutching etc.)

And if you want some even greater sense of injustice …. its clear that Shittus misjudged ill conceived tackle was actually initiated by him firstly pushing the ball away with his left meaning his right couldnt kick the ball as it had gone already. So not a pen. But if you tackle like that then you gets your just deserts in this division.


2. stuartcphillips - 11/09/2006

Danny Shittu, ok he gave away a needless penalty, apart from that I thought he looked rock-solid at the back. Barely missed a header all day, and his passing was suprisingly good.

In all fairness the Bolton chap who ran into our box should have been stopped/sheparded away from the danger area before he reached the big man.

Roll on Villa. Sigh…

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