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This is not a match preview. 21/09/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Uncategorized.

Look, old habits die hard OK?  But in acknowledgment of the need to not encumber BHaPPY with the constraints that beset its predecessor I’m not going to discuss Saturday’s opponents at all.

It is, however, impossible not to acknowledge the return to centre stage of pantomime villain Rob Styles, who takes charge of a Saturday’s game.  It’s testimony to Styles’ infamy that he’s still almost certainly Watford fans’ leastest favourite referee despite the fact that it’s a full five years since his reign of terror in which five Hornets were shown red cards in three games within little over twelve months.  In the intervening period he has refereed one Hornets game, an innocuous 0-0 draw with Sheffield United, Betty’s second home game in charge, in which nobody was booked.

Whilst acknowledging that it’s the pompous “how” as much as the “what” with Rob that has always grated, his roll call of six red cards dished out to ‘orns over the years with varying degrees of silliness reads: Jason Lee at Gillingham in 1997, Robert Page against Everton in the Cup in 2001, Page again and Helguson at home to Blackburn a month later and finally H again plus Stephen Glass at Millwall the following season.  All of which makes Styles a top referee, quite obviously.


1. dooza - 23/09/2006

Do you think our favourite ref reads this blog on the interweb? I was thinking he gets some unfair criticism, but how wrong can i be? FFS, over-ruling the linseman, when Wigan players are reportedly “blatently off side”.

Unless Rob saw something legitamate to come to his decision, then what WTF is going on?

2. dooza - 23/09/2006

that’ll learn me…. 😦

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