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Broccoli Pics 24/09/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

Slightly better take-up at Wigan, but still a bit disappointing.  More participation at Arsenal, please…

Yours truly with Broccoli, plus envious onlooker

Messenger's Broccoli.  Good work Dave, don't forget to get yourself in frame too next time...


1. plbaxter - 25/09/2006

I don’t want to appear churlish, but where’s the broccoli in the lower picture? Actually, more to the point, where’s the football ground?

2. davembhappy - 25/09/2006

I do want to appear churlish.

Rowson, use a better picture next time…

3. Matt Rowson - 25/09/2006

The Broccoli is right in the middle of the frame. I did ask Dave to get his face in shot as well, but it’s as much as some can do to get out of bed in the morning…

4. stuartcphillips - 25/09/2006

That piece of broccoli looks quite large. Was it not a chore bringing it to the ground and carrying it in? I suppose you could have bought it at the ASDA down the road from the ground, so that would rule out long distance transportation. However what becomes of these vegtables and fruits? Are they consumed or disposed of in the general direction of Rob Styles?

5. Matt Rowson - 25/09/2006

I think the size of the Broccoli is exaggerated in the photo… you know what they say about photos putting pounds on you. No great chore carrying it in, tried to smuggled it back into the veg basket at home, but my brother had decided that we had to remove the shrink-wrap, so my wife spotted the change, inquired about the Broccoli’s trip and disposed of said veg in disgust.

Am thinking of stipulating watermelons for Reading (A) on the last day of the season. However I’m going to need to see wider participation between now and then to make it anywhere near that far…

6. slackgranny - 27/09/2006

I have to question if the subject of the lower photograph is, actually, broccoli at all.

It is clearly a vegetable – but I think brocooli everyweher will be insulted to be linked to the lower picture.

7. billyo - 28/09/2006

Matt has also blatently cheated by taking his broccoli to the JJB on a day when there is not a game on, and no-one else in the stadium, thus avoiding the need to smuggle his veg past security.

8. Matt Rowson - 28/09/2006

Dash, rumbled billyo. I’d have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you pesky kids…

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