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Broccoli update 27/09/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

Big respec’ to Ben Khanna and mate Rob (pictured), for this pic from the JJB at the weekend.  One has to suspect that the picture is set up to disguise the fact that this is a pretty piddly bit of Broccoli…. but Broccoli nonetheless.  Good work, chaps…


1. bennybadger - 28/09/2006

It might have been a modest sized piece of broccoli Mr Rowson… But at least I ate mine at half time!

2. davidhart - 28/09/2006

Is broccoli the order of the day at the Emirates?

3. Matt Rowson - 28/09/2006

bennybadger… eat Broccoli? Did you not have any chocolate?

David… no, something new and exciting for the Emirates. “Keep checking with BHaPPY for updates”.

4. bluewedge - 29/09/2006

Everything you could possibly want to know about the most fascinating member of the Cruciferae family…



5. halberstram - 12/10/2006

I like the broccoli idea. Will try to up the ante with some of the purple sprouting variety next time I actually get it together to go to a Colchester United game… now if you can smuggle a marrow in, that would really be something.

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