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Watford 3 Fulham 3 (02/10/2006) 03/10/2006

Posted by Ian Grant in Match reports.

And the one word match report is….


(You won’t find that in the dictionary, of course…but then, you won’t find our defending in the coaching manual either, so we’re quits.)


1. stuartcphillips - 04/10/2006

My match report:


2. jonesey669 - 04/10/2006


2-0 up and we fcuked it up. We may look back on Monday night as the turning point, or the moment the truth hit us. Are we capable of being competitive in this league? If not being certainties for relegation on 2nd October is a bitter pill to swallow.

We did far better than this in 1999 / 2000. However I’ll be going to the Ars* in a fortnight’s time, so I guess life goes on.

3. tetley - 04/10/2006

Ho Hum, what a roller coaster. Close down the keeper! don’t defend so deep! thank god for Ashley Young!

Our day will come.

What’s the odds on a top six finish. I’ll be down the bookies saturday, they never know what there talking about, keep you posted.

4. bellsi - 05/10/2006

we were only 2 points better off at this stage in 99 (although we did beat Chelsea next game), so all is not lost. We really panicked and it cost us. I can’t believe we let Neimi bring the ball to the halfway line unchallenged. Once we get the first win against Arsenal or Charlton, we should settle down a bit. Super Ashley Young saved our blushes this time, but lets not have it happen again!

5. tetley - 07/10/2006

Sorry I didn’t get down the bookies.

But I still have passion and belief, think of what brought us here, top six is still on we ARE that good. One blip Fulham from otherwise positive performances (excepting Man U). Look at how unlucky we’ve been, a header on the floor turns into an opposition penalty, woodwork hit three times that’s just two games.

Yours, front row rookery.

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