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Lemons to Arsenal 09/10/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

Buoyed by the upsurge in participation at Wigan, the next stage of our Fruit’n’Veg tour of the top flight sees us travel to the Emirates Stadium on Saturday armed with Lemons. You know where to send your pics…



1. petebradshaw - 14/10/2006

A lemon bought in the Holloway Road and, with courteous (lack of) security at the ground, no need for ‘smuggling’. I just took it in. Didn’t help much mind… maybe I should have asked Henry to suck it… (actually i think some fools round me were saying much the same).

2. Lincoln 'Orn - 16/10/2006

Could I suggest the vegetable of the moment for the trip to Charlton. Try smugglin a pumpkin past an ‘on the ball steward’.
Maybe if we get the right result we could stay in the away end after the game and hollow them out to look like the scorer of the winning goal and leave them burning brightly into the night as an ‘ode’ to our first victory!!
If the result were to go against us maybe a pumpkinesque Dowie would be more appropriate!!

3. Matt Rowson - 16/10/2006

Lincoln, we considered going topical with the choice of fruit’n’veg but decided that in some cases the link would have to be so tenuous that the rubbishness of the connection would detract from the spirit of what we’re trying to do. So whilst pumpkins for the closest away match to hallowe’en might be topical, we’re not going for it.

Apart from anything else, it’s a little ambitious for this stage of proceedings… large/obscure items will have to wait until we have a bit of a following. Finally, as I hope you would expect, selection of fruit/veg is a carefully thought out process, with greengrocery selected and committed to some weeks in advance…

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