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Benitez jumps the compensation bandwagon 10/10/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

Rafa Benitez became the latest to bleat about compensation for clubs from national federations this week after Dirk Kuyt picked up an injury playing for the Dutch national side.  Anyone would think that he isn’t paid handsomely to cope with such obstacles.

I find the recent plague of whinging in this direction utterly depressing.  From my legally uneducated standpoint there would seem to be a miserable inevitability to the G14-backed “son of Bosman” legal case in which Charleroi (what is it about Belgians?) are attempting to sue FIFA for compensation after one of their players was injured in an international two years ago.  Miserable, because the only conclusion that you’d put any money on is some sort of insurance premium, probably a hefty one, being payable by International Federations if they want to use clubs’ players in international fixtures.  Whereas richer federations might be able to stretch to this (what do I know?), what seems likely is that less well-off federations will find it much harder.  This could knacker international football as we know it – which whatever the legal niceties just has to be a Bad Thing, even if it means that Alan Green doesn’t have to travel to Latvia any more.  It’s difficult to conceive of a greater blow that could be struck to world football than removing one of the last ostensibly level playing fields in the sport.

And largely at the behest of the G14  of all things.  The poor dears.  The irony is that the greatest threat to footballers’ weary legs is not international football but the grotesque Champions’ (sic) League, the one change in the fixture landscape over the last twenty years.  But of course the clubs profit directly from that.  I can’t believe the general absence of vitriol directed at this self-interest group (“the voice of the clubs”, my arse). Devoting the rest of my waking hours to a boycott of all G14 sponsors has never been more tempting.



1. oldhorn - 10/10/2006

A sign of modern society I’m afraid. Blame culture….something for nothing….sue the ba****ds. Deeply depressing.

2. halberstram - 12/10/2006

The way things are going, the national sides will probably be privatised – sold off to the highest bidder… so it’ll be “Gazprom England F.C.” or what have you. In the future, national football teams will probably seem as old fashioned as national airlines do now. Actually Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary would probably be a good Ireland manager… he certainly talks enough rubbish.

3. Borders 'orn - 13/10/2006

National FA’s will be forced into taking out insurance policies that they can’t afford, ultimately resulting in the likes of Ukraine being unable to pick players such as Shevchenko.

4. King Albert II - 14/10/2006

That’s it. Blame it all on the Belgians. Bloody typical.

5. Van Patten - 16/10/2006

Truly a depressing spectacle I’m afraid. Even were the Charleroi decision to go against the G14, another willing stooge would be found. The only hope (and its a slim one) is that Platini kicks out Johansson and changes the Champion’s League structure as a prelude to making it back into a Primarily knockout competition. He does carry support from most of the Small countries in Europe, as well as all of the Ex COMECON countries bar Ukraine and Russia. Whatever my issues with international football, I have a horrible feeling that soon it will not exist in the form we know it. Make the most of Euro 2008/ WC 2010 because after that its all downhill………..

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