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We always beat the Arsenal… 12/10/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

Well, not always.  But our record at Highbury wasn’t half bad… Won three, lost three, drew one; scored ten, conceded ten in league matches.  Then there was the popular contender for bestest game ever, the 1987 Cup Quarter-Final victory.  Last time out  it took a late Kanu goal and a violent but unpunished assault on Allan Smart by Alex Manninger to earn the home side victory.

A new venue this time of course, and good record or not Arsenal away will always be a tough proposition.  It’s perhaps not fallen badly for us though, as locations on the fixture list go… only Ashley Young of our squad was involved in international action over the past week, whereas the majority of the Arsenal squad played games, with Emmanuel Eboué, Fredrik Ljungberg and Julio Baptista all picking up injuries that rule them out of Saturday.  With Lauren still out with a knee injury, William Gallas still a worry and both Gaël Clichy and Phillipe Senderos short of match fitness the home side have issues at the back.

As for ourselves, original prognoses should see Chris Powell available again, although Jordan Stewart has done well in his absence. 

The Fulham game was a catastrophe, but is done and dusted; this is a new kettle of fish altogether, with expectations and pressures entirely different to those of our last encounter.  The Arsène Wenger ten-year love in is a possible distraction for the home side, but we’ll still need all the breaks to be going our way.

It’s about time a few did, mind.



1. Ray Bloom - 13/10/2006

RE: Lemmoins – is TI organnICC only? or are thee ones gROwnn with chemmicslas and that allowwEdd too?
Ray Bloom.

2. Jon - 13/10/2006

I was at the Bestest Game Ever and the match a few weeks later when a Porter brace polished them off, again. Now, Aidy deserves to sample what it is like to stick it the Norf London Nonces.

3. Matt Rowson - 13/10/2006

Ray… aSS yuo liKE matte, notT fUsed

Jon… likewise, memory of Luther’s goal still sends a happy shiver down the back, as does the memory of David Bardsley skinning Kenny Sansom, as does the mental image of Steve Williams almost combusting in frustration…

4. stuartcphillips - 13/10/2006

I’m nervous about Saturdays game, I’ve got this funny feeling in my stomach, but can’t quite make out whether it’s funny good or funny bad. I’m moving towards funny bad. Maybe it could be more of a sinking feeling, a bit like the one I had when McBride scored to make it 2-1 the other day. If we win this I’ll bring a BAG of lemons to the next Watford home game and distribute them amongst my fellow supporters in the Rookery, and I may even go and buy this seasons replica kit at last. By the way I bought a book the other day called True Colours Vol. 2 it has all of Watford’s kits in going back to 1974, I particulary like the Hummel away – TV interference – kit from about 1992/93. I suggest you check out the website: http://www.truecoloursfootball.co.uk/default.asp?id=1
this bloke’s almost as sad as me!

5. Peter - 13/10/2006

Being of the glass half empty cadre at present I expect to get royally stuffed, BUT after not getting tickets, then being informed at work that if I’d mentioned it half an hour earlier I could of had ‘my brother in Irelands ticket as he can’t come’ ticket… anything could happen!

6. Jon - 14/10/2006

I’d forgotten about The Bard playing Sansom like, erm, the kind of instrument a Bard plays!

7. Matthew - 15/10/2006

Stuart – I guess it was funny bad. You can keep your lemons.

Some odd comments on the WML this morning about the game. Surely no-one seriously expected us to get anything out of it. The bigger teams in the Prem can play within themselves and still beat us, and even if Aidy gets us ticking along then they’ll just turn it up a notch.

I fancy us to win big against Charlton though – especially after HH & Co further demoralise them tomorrow night.

8. Doug Lawson - 16/10/2006

Oh no we don’t

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