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A load of Lemons at Arsenal… 16/10/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

Much as fare on the pitch continues to disappoint, there’s evidence of a growing momentum behind our fruit’n’vegathon.  On top of further assurances of future participation (sort it out, Fuzz), the following contributions…


Your editorial team, plus lemons.


Some vagrant, who said he’d go away if we took his picture.


Pete B, and friend.  Like the arty use of light.


“Spot the Lemon”, says Toddy.  Harsh.

 As an aside, it’s worth mentioning that any future attempts to smuggle pics into this section by taking multiple photographs with the same fruit or vegetable (John Clayton, Graham Walker…) will be identified, rooted out (!) and stamped upon.  Even if you don’t tell us.  We knows our fruit’n’veg here, see…


1. petebradshaw - 16/10/2006

Why’s toddy’s lemon wearing his wig from 1974? http://www.newfc.co.uk/wmlphotos/images/Steve%20Todd.jpg

2. Mike - 16/10/2006
3. slackgranny - 17/10/2006

The character in the second picture has clearly mistaken the lemon for ‘goblet of fire’. See here:

4. slackgranny - 17/10/2006

Or did well-known hirsute Gooner Rory McGrath slip into the away end at the Emirates?

5. slackgranny - 17/10/2006

Did Toddy (see picture 4) used to strut around the wrestling ring in the 1970s, shouting ‘Easy Easy’ before grappling with the likes of Giant Haystacks?

6. DM - 20/10/2006

It’s all gone now. You won’t recognise me at the slack granny derby on Saturday……

7. DM - 20/10/2006

PS Rowson, any danger of a smile next week ??

8. Matt Rowson - 20/10/2006


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