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Watford 0 Tottenham Hotspur 0 (28/10/2006) 29/10/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Today’s one-word match report is:



1. David Carter - 29/10/2006

in the field of human conflict……………………….

2. billyo - 29/10/2006

So many mixed feelings about this game. On the one hand we’re robbed by another blind linsman, but we were lucky that Ben Foster is a seriously good keeper who saved Lloyd’s blushes more than once.

A quarter of the season gone, we’ve generally played well, direct football it may be – but it’s called counter-attacking if you’re top half of the table. We’ve only lost to teams in the top 6. We’ve matched everyone else – we’ve just gotta get the win and get this monkey off our backs.

Wonder which Middlesbrough will turn up next week?

3. Toddy - 29/10/2006

Matt, can you be more concise. Never gonna score in a minute?
Never ever gonna score again? Never Offside Mr Rennie Sir? Never ever get a Water Melon into Chelsea?

4. Matt Rowson - 29/10/2006

All of the above, Toddy.

Especially the last one. Why would you want to get a water melon into Chelsea? Since the scheme’s inception, water melons have been lined up for the big finish at Reading…

5. David Carter - 29/10/2006


6. Matt Rowson - 30/10/2006

It was a home match, David. Fruit’n’veg is an away game strategy only…

7. DM - 30/10/2006

Never go to another Watford game without an ipod. I listened to music throughout, thus drowning out the inevitable carping as the game headed towards a draw. Haven’t enjoyed a game so much all season. Ipod football is advised for all those fed up with listetning to JCL’s who’ve never kicked a ball in their lives….

8. Pete Bradshaw - 30/10/2006

Do you mean concise or precise Toddy? The report couldn’t have been more concise. Well it could I suppose. How about


9. Simon Marchant - 30/10/2006

Sadly no game on 31.10.06. “A Pumpkin to Portsmouth” would be a good Alan Bleasdale type of TV play….or will only the splendid Yank Mr Jay Demerit understand this reference?

10. Jon - 30/10/2006

It’d be manglewurzels if it was a home strategy, I’m so lost for words after Saturday.

11. Stuart - 30/10/2006

I’m confident, we’ll beat Middlesborough next Saturday, then we’ll beat Chelsea 3-2 at the Bridge. It’ll be the shock of the season, but we’ll get no credit because Chelsea will be analysed for where they went wrong, not what we did right.

Winning two on the bounce will kick start our season and we’ll finish a comfortable 14th. You heard it here first!

P.S Smith will score against Middlesborough because he scored last time we played them at home in what was then the Carling Premier League.

12. Nick B - 31/10/2006

Thought we got a good press Sunday/yesterday; press seem to be pretty supportive, with a couple of well-known exceptions – for some reasons the female football scribes seem to have it in for us. The real problem comes from the pundits/ experts, some of whom, e.g. Waddle, are still fighting old battles

13. David Carter - 31/10/2006


Thanks for putting me straight on the fruit references. It took me a while to find the new site after the end of BSAD, like Darius’ and Tommy’s chances it was sadly missed. I would take some fruit or veg to Chelsea but the budget went on the ticket. Just in case fruit or veg is obligatory to gain entrance to Stamford Bridge, what would you recommend? Could any fruit or veg be judged an offensive weapon, remember what happened to the would be assailant with a banana in Monty Python sketch.

Am I mistaken or did our last trip to Chelsea in a cup replay see Jamie Hand hit the post?

14. Toddy - 01/11/2006

Like Heisenberg I don’t do precise. “Miss” is good Pete. “Dam” would have been a bit obscure……….. and over polite.

15. Matt Rowson - 01/11/2006

The fruit’n’veg for Chelsea will be announced early next week, but financial considerations (namely the amount already shelled out for tickets by those concerned) will be borne in mind in making this decision (i.e. no expensive organic stuff. Or cherries).

And, yes, you are mistaken; the last trip to Chelsea saw Jamie Hand hit William Gallas…

16. JJ - 01/11/2006

Should it not be a shoe in for celery at Chavski?
As for the match report… may I offer “Oops”?

17. Lincoln 'Orn - 02/11/2006

Vegetables on a budget!! Could I suggest the humble celeriac.At only 50 or 60p a real snip and it is widely known as ‘The Ugly One’ due to it’s hideous appearance which hopefully will bear a resemblance to our ‘ugly’ 1-0 victory at The Bridge next week.Get down on yer knees to that one Jose!! U ‘Orns

When you arrive back home after our victory could I also suggest making a nice and comforting Potato and celeriac gratin with a juicy sirloin to complete a memorable day.

18. Ian Grant - 03/11/2006

Yes, Lincoln ‘Orn, you can suggest that. But only if you post the recipe too. It sounds delightful…although, naturally, fifty or sixty pence will be well beyond the budget of anyone going to Chelsea, who’ll be lucky if they can even afford anything from the box of manky, out-of-date, make-me-an-offer stuff that’s always near the door of my greengrocer’s.

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