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Watford 2 Middlesbrough 0 (04/11/2006) 05/11/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Today’s one-word match report is:



1. Joe Bannister - 05/11/2006

In the best day of the season so far you have to bring up the tantric moron.

Are we going to host a worst miss of the season competition with 38 entries, one from each game?

Smith, Young and Henderson seem to be outdoing each other each week.

2. David Carter - 05/11/2006

Relief was the overwhelming feeling rather than excitement. Overall a great performance but Middlesborough were very poor. The news about King makes the rumour mongers look rather foolish, none more so than the Watford Observer reporter who took a page of the sports section to justify himself in printing the bust-up story of the previous week.

I guess the transfer window cannot come quick enough. Perhaps Tamas Priskin will now get a chance to show what he can do?

3. tetley - 05/11/2006

vs Andy Summers but not as fiery?

4. Phil - 05/11/2006

At last

5. Robin - 05/11/2006

That’s 2 words

6. slackgranny - 06/11/2006


Are you suggesting the Watford Observer should only ever carry stories which are 100%, nailed-on, without-a-doubt, factamundo?

If so, it is danger of becoming a propaganda tool.

If the manager chooses to use his e-mail to fans to criticise them for running a story which turns out to be true, surely the paper has a right of reply?

The Watford Observer is hardly in The Sun’s league for running rumours – and the King story was being discussed in so many different WFC environments, they were (in my opinion) only doing their job in reporting a story, true or otherwise.

The club might have been better served taking the opportunity offered to them by the paper to stamp the rumours out, rather than saying nothing.

7. Toddy - 06/11/2006

Stung in the backside to be sure………….. Antihistamine’s or even a dozen large dock leaves ain’t gonna sooth Mr Southgate’s throbbing bottom in the Boro boardroom.

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