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Chelsea 4 Watford 0 (11/11/2006) 11/11/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Today’s one-word match report is:



1. David Carter - 11/11/2006

Cold, miserable, predictable, over priced. Is this how football is meant to be?

Bargain £2.60 return train fare tempered by sharing carriage with drunk, singing, farting Chelsea supporters all the way back to Watford Junction (Where they were changing for M Keynes, MK Dons anyone?). Similar experience to Man Utd vs Watford away in our last season in the Premiership, without the redeeming feature of a Richard Johnson rocket………………………

2. Dave, Hornets Sweden - 12/11/2006

I thought of two other possibilities:
“Predictable” or “Drogba”

3. Toddy - 12/11/2006

Smile when you gesture

4. Matt Rowson - 12/11/2006


Chelsea fans don’t get the chance to look down on many, but MK Dons are certainly amongst the few.


5. Mike Smart - 12/11/2006


Said Manyoo game was a turning point that season. It was our first thrashing, and thereafter, the hitherto impressive Page and Williams resembled Mr. Jelly when he’s just been watching an Exorcist-Candyman double bill.

Ergo, this is probably a key week or two in our season.


6. Esp - 12/11/2006

Predictable and over priced yes David but I wasn’t totally miserable.

It could have been a lot worse I suppose and four or five of our lads did try their hearts out.

Odd substitutions by Aidy once again who does seem to wait an inorsinately long time these days before realising we’re getting outplayed, not one proven goalscorer on the bench however to put on unfortunately which highlights the problems ahead.

Finally I thought the support from the travelling ‘Orns was superb yet again and worth a mention in Aidy’s next newsletter; we deserved more than one shot on target for our efforts though.


7. Matt Rowson - 12/11/2006

The substitutions were only odd in that we brought on defensive players… but actually exposing Priskin to demonstrate further that he’s not ready yet would have served no purpose (even had he been on the bench). We simply don’t have the options in the squad… BODIES, let alone quality, as has been discussed ad infinitum. As it was, Powell and Bangura were among few in yellow who did themselves much credit.

8. JJ - 13/11/2006

That kind of day… no trains to and from deepest Bucks, cue the bus replacement service (extra hour each way); smug arrogant Chavski fans to put up with all the way there; £48 + £1 to get in; and ; pie and a pint “deal” for £6; the team played off the park; remembered the shallot, got it in the ground even – alas the camera didn’t make it, so no proof there; smug arrogant Chavski fans to put up with all the way back again.
Their smug arrogant manager I can put up with, I even find him mildly amusing, but the pondlife fans….
At least we outsang them, for the most part.

9. SD - 13/11/2006

The pubs in Watford were packed. Nice and warm, cheapi-ish beer and no Chelsea ‘fans’ to put up with – long live Aljaazera!

10. Sammy D - 13/11/2006

I know how you feel….

11. Colin Wiggins - 13/11/2006

I only saw the highlights on telly (I’m not paying ridiculous prices to see us get stuffed) but am I the only person to notice how Chelsea’s style of play was….erm….direct? Plenty of long balls rapidly played at pace. And the pundits drool. The only difference between us and Chelsea is the ability of the players (yes I know I am stating the bleedin’ obvious). But as long as one club is allowed to post a trading loss of tens of millions each year with no consequential penalty (e.g. liquidation) then any pretence at competition in the Premiership should be exposed as the lie that it is. It’s no longer sport, it’s just a power trip for the super rich.

12. JJ - 15/11/2006

Blimey, Colin – that’s hard to argue against… however as the old Welsh sage Max Boyce oft said… “I know, ‘cos I was there”.
Chavski – a bit like a top of the range Volvo – annoyingly superior, but, ultimately no class.

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