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Onions at the Bridge… 13/11/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

 Only one so far… pathetic.  Sort it out for Pompey, boys and girls.

Class onion

Here’s Dave Lewy at Charlton with his chilli, seeing as we’re short on onions.  Dave blames technical problems with his phone for the fact that you’re only seeing this now.

chilli con charlie


1. DM - 13/11/2006

Couldn’t afford the £45 for the onion’s seat…..

2. DM - 13/11/2006

Oh yeah, and still no smile……..

3. Paul Wilson - 14/11/2006

Pomegranates for Pompey then?

4. Pete Bradshaw - 14/11/2006

Is that the onion making you cry or Drogba?

5. Toddy - 14/11/2006

While you were busy having fun, I was busy protesting the Chelsea prices with my massive solo boycott at home.

I had a bowl of oignon gratine at half time, and cried.

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