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Peppers to Pompey 14/11/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

Fratton Park on Saturday, and that zero-atmosphere away end.  It being peppers, feel free to earn extra points for a yellow-and-red combo.  No points for Black Pepper, as that’s both the wrong type of pepper and a distinctly inappropriate colour.


1. NRC - 15/11/2006

Had money on that being the Pompey Limes.

2. Nick B - 16/11/2006

Milan Mandarin anyone?

3. Stuart Phillips - 16/11/2006

What about yellow peppers??

4. Stuart Phillips - 16/11/2006

Can’t we just take a solitary yellow one? Does green count at all?

5. Matt Rowson - 16/11/2006

Yellow Peppers are just fine Stuart; Green is better than nothing. In your case, given that I’ve not received a contribution from you yet, green is certainly better than nothing…

6. Stuart Phillips - 17/11/2006

My apologies Matt I’ll try my best on Saturday and if I fail again, I’ll have no excuses when it comes to the City game!

By making no contributions yet, I feel like I’ve let everyone down now… 😦

7. Ed C - 17/11/2006

The pun below is awful Mr. NRC! Please, before you even THINK of posting an idea again, just think of how you are damaging our community. Thank you. That is all i have to say on the matter.

8. Ed C - 17/11/2006

The embarresmant on my side, however, is i meant the person at the top.
I’d like to apologise for the technical difficulties.

9. Esp - 19/11/2006

Yes they can get away with that Ian and they did !

My son who missed the game sent me a text half way through the game saying “Dad, what’s it like to be in a ground as crap as ours”

That’s my boy!

Where are the pepper pics Matt?

10. Anon on - 21/11/2006

Zero atmosphere?

11. Matt Rowson - 21/11/2006

The away end, yes. With no roof the sound goes straight up, so it’s nigh on impossible to get anything going… in contrast to QPR, say, where if you stand up too quickly in the upper tier you smack your head on the roof.

The home end makes a complete racket of course. Which is half the problem for the away fans.

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