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Onion and on and on 16/11/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

Another picture of a bloke with an onion. (L-R) Frankie Lamps, with onion and Paul Perkins. The judges remind Mr Perkins and others that photos from outside the ground will automatically be disqualified and repeat offences may lead BHaPPY to administer a sound verbal thrashing to the perpetrator. Sort it out, you lot.

Cheese and Onion


1. King Albert II - 16/11/2006

Red peppers? Pah.

Their bright red skins make them tricky to digest for many.

The solution? Easy. Simply char-grill the feckers until they are BLACK, then peel off that ex-red outer layer.

The more succulent flesh within, although obviously still somewhat red in colour, now has a most agreeable BLACK tinge to it.

Oh yes.

2. Matt Rowson - 16/11/2006

Desperate, albie, desperate.

3. Esp - 16/11/2006

Humble apologies to BHaPPY for my transgression at Stamford Bridge last Saturday but I wanted to stand close to a goalscoring midfielder as I haven’t seen one for a while. I’m seeing Lamps’ Uncle Harry on Saturday too.
To be honest Matt and readers, the onion I purchased from an Earls Court greengrocer before the match was so bloody big I thought the big burly Russian thoughtpolice on bag duty outside The Shed would confiscate it so I bottled it.
I promise to bring my peppers INSIDE Fratton Park on Saturday regardless of size or potential embarrassment.


4. Toddy - 17/11/2006

Could, this thrashing, include the rough end of a pineapple?

5. DM - 19/11/2006

Albert, if my internet connection hadn’t gone south last week, I’d have posted something similar. Red peppers indeed. Pathetic Rowson…

6. Onion - 05/12/2006

As a recent escapee from the WFC messageboard (RIP), I must admit that I am rather perplexed as to why people are taking fakes and imposters into football grounds and claiming that they are Onion?

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