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Portsmouth 2 Watford 1 (18/11/2006) 19/11/2006

Posted by Ian Grant in Match reports.

And the one-word match report is:



1. Ian R - 20/11/2006

From the official WFC site:

“Another hugely frustrating afternoon for the Hornets as their performance deserved more from the appalling dump that is Fratton Park”

Can they get away with saying that?

2. Billyo - 20/11/2006

I think Aidy’s rant was a little off the mark with regards to the Kanu pen. Offside he wasn’t, down easily yes, but definately contact. But as Aidy rightly pointed out more contact was the shove in Doris’ back, and all we ask for is a little consistency.

If I wasn’t wearing my yellow tinted Elton glasses I might also point out that the corner we scored from came off ashley young…. But I’ve got them on so I wont.

When are we gonna get some luck? We’re the only side in the Premiership without a pen this season.

P.S. Here’s and interesting fact; Glenn Roeder finished 7th with Watford and we were relegated next year, He then took Wes Tam to 7th in the premiership and they were relegated next season. Newcastle finished 7th last year…..

So with Newcastle down, and fat blind Les in charge at Charlton there’s only one spot left, i’m sure with 10 days to prepare we can persude Colin’s boys to complete the triumverate.

3. Nick B - 20/11/2006

Another of Hackett’s Homers

4. NRC - 20/11/2006

As I said to my son on leaving the ground, the one consolation from the trip was the knowledge that we don’t have the worst ground in the Premiership.

5. Mr Phase - 20/11/2006

Would be nice if it were true, Billyo, but West Ham have also had no penalties this season.

6. david c. (watford) - 20/11/2006

It’s not as bad as 1999/2000; for after the reverses at Old Trafford & at home to The Boro’ I felt we were a sinking ship.

There is still hope. The January transfer window may bring the experienced premiership quality cente forward we are desperate to have to lead the line. Currently we are a nearly team; but just how many more times will we be a tantalising whisker away from getting the rewards our endevours deserve? In the end this run may sap the resolve of even the strongest of characters; so, until Betty gets his cheque-book out, I cannot helping thinking we will be the Premiership’s team of Tim Henman-like plucky losers.

7. Ituloy angsulong - 21/11/2006

nice output guys

8. LL121 - 22/11/2006

I thought we’d made a group decision not to mention cheque books? That way madness lies. is it just me or have the Prem managers been given “back-handed compliments for beginners” books for their birthdays? And as for route-one football, Schevchenko’s goal anyone? Tch. (sorry, it’s taken me this long to have a look – couldn’t face it)

9. Adam F - 22/11/2006

As an 18 year old travelling on his Gap Year I have only attended 3 matches this season (the first three surprisingly enough). From what I can gather we were unlucky, but at the end of the day we didn’t get any points. Luck is great if you have it but we still have to get points on the board without it. We get no points for complaining, only winning

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