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Peppers at Pompey 22/11/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

Tough going for those that braved Fratton Park, but our pics show that you can’t keep a good veg down.


Paul Goss and friend make a first contribution to the campaign.

Pepsie and Shirlie

Corbles Sr and Jr return with a splendid tricoleur.

Michelle Pfeipper

ig, looking somewhat disgusted at the consistency of his wares.

Pep Idol

Mike Raggett’s famous Pat Wickes impersonation.

Pan's Peppers

Fuzz, Fran and Nigel are responsible for this.  “Pepper, James Pepper.  With a licence to put into stocks and pelt with rotten tomatoes.  Terrifying.


1. DM - 24/11/2006

Good to see Mr Grant contiuning the editorial policy of not smiling when being photoed with fruit and veg….

2. Rupe - 26/11/2006

i smuggled my pepper into the ground in my arse

3. Chris - 28/11/2006

I took the picture of Mike Raggett, imagine the pride I feel now

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