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Watford 0 Sheffield United 1 (28/11/2006) 29/11/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

One-Word Match report from Tuesday night’s game is:



1. Stuart Phillips - 30/11/2006

That match report sums it all up

2. Alan Ambler (thehornet35) - 30/11/2006

what happened to the care-free watford fans that we are all meant to be? cheer up everyone and i think the match report should be ‘steep-learning-curve’ (hyphenated to make it one-word ;))

3. Dom Kilburn - 30/11/2006

I’ve never once declared myself to be care free!! Its because I care that Tuesday night still haunts me. It was the worst performance since Boothroyd took over although the injury situated was obviously a huge factor. The fact we put on a centre back upfront with 20 mins to go with a recently signed striker sat on the bench smacks of a complete lack of ideas.

4. Geoff Seal - 01/12/2006

Dom sums it up. Still numb three days later.

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