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Courgettes to Manchester City 30/11/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

You read the title, boys and girls.

Make it so.


1. Mr Phase - 30/11/2006

Why courgettes? Is there some sort of list you’re working through?

2. Matt Rowson - 30/11/2006

It felt right. That, and we’ve normally got some in the fridge… am going up from work on Monday, so it needed to be minimal effort.

3. Matthew - 30/11/2006

You could at least make it seasonal produce, chaps. My courgette plant has died a death, along with all the rest of the summer supplies.

Celeriac for St James’s?

4. Doug - 01/12/2006

You know if you let them grow a bit they become Marrow, which is alliterative at least.

5. Stuart Phillips - 01/12/2006

I’m worried about going into the ground with a courgette in my pocket, people could get the wrong idea….

6. Matt Rowson - 01/12/2006

Not that you need an excuse not to participate, Phillips… where’s your pepper pic?

Doug… alliteration is not the height of comedy, sorry. Courgette is appropriate on a higher level. Besides which, you might care to participate before dissing the greengrocery selection process…

7. Doug - 01/12/2006

Well that’s me told. I don’t think I mentioned comedy though, or made any attempt to disrespect the selection criteria for that matter 😦

8. Stuart Phillips - 01/12/2006

Apologies Mr.Rowson, my laziness on these matters is not acceptable, although I did have to attend a friends birthday in Manchesterland so I couldn’t get down to the architectural majesty that is Fratton Park in time (nice excuse, I like it).

I shall buy a beautiful courgette at Somerfield tonight on my way home from work and store it in the fridge in readiness for Monday.

P.S By the way how does one get the picture to yourself? Is there a specific email or shall I just send it to your BSaD email?

9. Nick B - 01/12/2006

Isn’t Zucchini City’s latest striker?

10. Matt Rowson - 01/12/2006

Doug, “alliterative at least” implies a degree of disatisfaction, yes.

Stuart… yes, the bsad email is still good.

11. Doug - 04/12/2006

No implication intended, just a turn of phrase, I was only joining in the conversation.

Enjoy the game Matt, I’ll be watching from afar . . . well Jeff’s house anyway.

12. Steve Thomas - 04/12/2006

Matt, Planning to be at tonight’s game – it is our “nearest” away game, as I live 24 miles away in the Cheshire countryside and my son is in Halls of Residence, 3 miles from the Blue Camp. I am nipping out for my sandwich now and will pop into the greengrocer’s in the village…photo hopefully to follow…thanks Steve Thomas

13. Nick B - 04/12/2006

Rolls to Newcastle?

14. FC - 04/12/2006

No doubt they will all be naked!

15. Adam F - 04/12/2006

3-1 to Watford. You wait.

16. Ed C - 12/12/2006

Strangely perverse message from FC, and Adam, we’re all still waiting…

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