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Manchester City 0 Watford 0 (04/12/2006) 05/12/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Today’s one-word match report is



1. billy - 05/12/2006

I still say we’re above our station in the premiership!

2. Stuart Phillips - 06/12/2006

We’ve earned the right to be there though.

3. Matt Rowson - 06/12/2006

some of us have. others STILL haven’t sent a photo in…

4. Stuart Phillips - 06/12/2006

Are you refering to me Matt!!?? Because I sent you a photo yesterday.

5. Nick B - 06/12/2006


6. petebradshaw - 06/12/2006

Sorry… left the courgettes in the fridge…

7. Matt Rowson - 06/12/2006

Got it at the second attempt, Stuart.

Pete… how long DID it take you to walk to the ground?

8. petebradshaw - 06/12/2006

Walk? Got a taxi… how long did it take you? And is that YOUR courgette, presumably bought en route? Or have you borrowed one?

9. Mr Phase - 06/12/2006

Hey, if we go down at least it’ll be with the least goals conceded out of the relegated sides. Which is really nothing to brag about…

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