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Courgettes in the Rain 06/12/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

A gritty point in sodden Manchester.  A number of courgettes survived the deluge…

Little Red Courgette

Yours truly, in blurred shot distorted by water.  Or something.


Stuart Phillips, gets up close and personal with his zucchini.


1. Esp - 07/12/2006

Sorry about the delay in sending this but I was probably the last of the BHaPPY subscribers to watch the match.

Recorded it at home off Sky and watched it in the early hours “as live” Likely Lads style with my boy after his late shift at Woolies in Bromley

Avoided hearing the score thank goodness; that’s the wonder of Woolworths I suppose…

Even our eponymous “curmudgeonly old windbag” the hack from Brighton must admit that we performed excellently despite the paucity of our squad

To perform as we did with another clean sheet and without Marlon and others was brilliant also, as someone who only watched the Sky coverage – isn’t Pearcey the most likeable,down to earth, honest manager in our league?

When Aidy is touched up by an under performing Premiership side next season (if we are relegated) we can do a lot worse than employing the services of the 44 year old, Hammersmith born, former electrician and ex Wealdstone, English international and Manchester City manager

2. DM - 07/12/2006

Is that a smile Matt ? Adimttedly the picture is blurred and I could be wrong, but it certainly looks like it might be. Please clarify…

3. Jon - 07/12/2006

Can anyone solve this Pearce-related conundrum?

I was told that he once played for Bournehall Rovers in Bushey, having joined the team a year after I left, aged 11. He was brought in as a ringer by an ambitious manager.

I am uncertain that it is true, but that’s what I have been told.

4. Matt Rowson - 07/12/2006


Hell no.

5. DM - 07/12/2006


Thank goodness for that. [ends mopping brow]

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