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Taking Kohl (rabi) to Newcastle 11/12/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

Actually any cabbage will do.  But extra shiny gold star for a Kohl Rabi…


1. Nick B - 11/12/2006

bugger, missed that pun. suppose you’ve been saving that one up for months…

2. Matt Rowson - 11/12/2006

No, can’t claim credit. Was suggested by a mate last week.

3. petebradshaw - 11/12/2006

It’s a turnip… and we get one in our organic box every week… 😉

4. petebradshaw - 12/12/2006

Sorry I meant to say it TASTES like a turnip…

5. Nick B - 12/12/2006

like every strange meat tastes like chicken?

don’t you think you should be supporting Chelsea or Arsenal with weekly boxes of organic imitation turnip?

6. petebradshaw - 17/12/2006

Left the damn things behind anyway…

7. Esp - 17/12/2006

Dear Matt

I couldn’t find a Kohl Rabi in Newcastle yesterday the nearest I found was a Tight Arsed Bramble lurking outside the ground looking forlorn but he looked nothing like a Jewish cabbage!

Still, when I find your e-mail address I wil be sending you a photograph of me and the WST press officer in the stands and you can pretend to the B HaPPY viewers that there IS a Kohl somewhere in the photograph

We could invent a new sport of “Spot the Kohl” named after the training ground game Aidy invented for Doris “Spot the Goal”


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