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Naranja to Liverpool ! 20/12/2006

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

Thanks to our readers at Bar Deportes for nominating the Orange for the fruit/veg to be taken to hispanically influenced Anfield on Saturday.  You can read Bar Deportes’ account of our project here.


1. Billyo - 20/12/2006


Most certainly, and in more ways than one.

2. Charlie Gibbo - 20/12/2006

Bien dias, mes amigos.

Are you going to tell us the details of how/where to post the photographic evidence of Naranjas at Anfield?

Thats is if we can see our five-a-day through the fog!

Hasta lleugo

3. Nick B - 20/12/2006

stop going off on a tangerine..

4. Matt Rowson - 21/12/2006


matt (at) bsad (dot) org


matt (at) bhappy (dot) org (dot) uk



5. veryvirgy - 21/12/2006

ma siete tt inglesi qui??????
be si a quanto sembra!!!
allora mi conviene scrivere in inglese!!!
mmmm………I’m italian……….my name is Virginia and……
sorry but I don’t no good english, because I’m twelve…..
BE ORA VADO!!!!!!!
CIAO A TUTTI!!!!!!!!bye bye……….
se c’è qualkuno ke è italiano, x favore avvisatemi!!!

6. veryvirgy - 21/12/2006

SURREALISTA is italian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. stop.....hameur time! - 22/12/2006

what is the translation of it matt? i can only understand the monty python/benny hill reference…

8. Adam F - 25/12/2006

ok, so we arent dong great and i guess this guy was just trying to be funny but it just sounds vicious…


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