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Watford 1 Arsenal 2 (26/12/2006) 27/12/2006

Posted by Ian Grant in Match reports.

Should you have room after all those mince pies, the one word match report is:



1. Dave Glover - 27/12/2006

we puffed and puffed but couldn’t blow the house down. It’s almost like we have been cast in the role of honest yeoman who’s always going to get knocked down by the country squire as he rides by on his immaculate mount. We just get up, dust ourselves down and doff our cap in recognition of our serf like status. Is this all we’re ever going to be? Aidy is fast becoming a parody of himself as he rightly commends our effort but for what purpose? We can’t go on like this for ever; perhaps we should just cut our losses and ask to be put back in the Championship where we belong and save ourselves from all the smirking and sympathetic applause. We’re a hard working no nonsence football team, the Dr Feelgoods of the premiership. But we just can’t cut it in the trendy wine bar. Back to the Red Lion methinks.

2. Chris - 28/12/2006

Get a life and accept the song for what it was; youthful humour with no real intent or malice. I rather think that your pompous, sanctimonious response is more cause for concern.

3. Doyley - Lord of the Bling - 28/12/2006

More worrying for the club should be the equal number of boos to cheers which greeted Henderson’s arrival on the pitch on Saturday! Having played our way into the game, it was a shame to see the ‘direct’ fashion be responsible for the ensuing loss in the last 10 minutes.

p.s. if you put Priskin on the bench then bring him on when you need an extra attacker. Stop confusing poor old Danny!

4. Nick - 28/12/2006

You Mr.Grant are a complete tool. Get a life and remove your head from your backside. There was no malice, it was banter. If you can’t see this then you’re a self righteous bigot. ‘Family club, family club’ blah blah blah. Embarrasing tag anyway. We allow Arsenal supporters to sit in the Rookery kitted out with Scarfs and hats, and when they score we don’t question why they’re in the home end. If the Rookery was filled with people as pompous as yourself we’d only have clappy sticks and wigs. It’s people like you that wind me up.

5. Pete - 29/12/2006

Sorry Nick, only one “complete tool” here. Songs made up on the spot about individual players are often funny – in fact that is the whole point. On this occasion there may have been no malice intended, but there was certainly no humour let alone intelligence or decency. When you’ve grown up a little perhaps you will appreciate the difference between acceptable and unacceptable “banter.” There is more than enough potential material with Lehman and yet you resort to singing about bombing in the war. Last year Hull fans were roundly and rightly condemned for taunting QPR about the London bombings – how is this different?

The fact that you are more concerned with a few Arsenal fans being in the wrong stand I’m afraid says it all about you.

6. Nick Grundy. - 02/01/2007

I look forward to your hilarious songs about the Bradford fire when we next play them – or perhaps “we” could regale Didier Drogba with a song about how “we” sold his grandparents into slavery?

If that’s the best you can manage by way of “banter”, then do everyone a favour and don’t attempt banter at any more games. Ever. Ta.

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