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New Year, Old Sprouts 04/01/2007

Posted by Ian Grant in Five-a-day Awaydays.

Not quite sure what’s happened to the oranges from Liverpool, but those of you getting impatient for fruity citrus action will just have to make do with some manky sprouts from Fulham instead. Stop grumbling.

(L-R) Sprout, Rowson, sprout.

Ian Grant showcases that essential Christmas stocking filler: the Thorntons Sprout Selection. Which one’s your favourite?

Sir Don Fraser, wisely keeping his sprouts in mint condition.

Frances Lynn, apparently practising for a stab at the shotput next time the Olympics comes around.

Note: Limited edition signed and framed prints of these photos are available from the usual outlets.


1. petebradshaw - 04/01/2007

Blimey Matt that looks painful… you been too close to Mr Ashton?

2. DM - 04/01/2007

New Year, still no smile…

Can you actually shot putt sprouts ?

ANy news on the Villa choice ? As I’m actually bothering to go to an away game I might as well go the whole hog and raid the greengrocers….

3. Mike S - 06/01/2007

Indeed – I’m finally able to turn up at an away game come Jan 20th; please don’t make it something too exotic. Have we done apples yet?! My lifelong ambition (well, OK, since August anyway…) has been to participate in this mildly humourous yet socialogically vital project. If it’s Guava or Sharon Fruit I’m going to be very upset.

4. Esp - 10/01/2007

“Mummy that man with the Ferrero Rocher box of brussel sprouts is scaring me !!”

“Me too darling .. go away Watford man and take your vegetables with you !!”

The above joke was sponsored by the Russo Twins


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