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Orangeboom at Anfield 07/01/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

And not before time, I think you’ll agree.  But with apologies to all concerned, some pics of Oranges at Anfield, finally.  And for the moment, I’m back on line at home…

I am Kurios Oranj

Frances Lynn looking a little bit too excited.  But not as excited as the individual above her left shoulder.

Orange Crush

Mike Raggett smuggled his orange in disguised as a wart.

Oran' Juice Jones

Steve Resco, and friend.



1. Nick - 07/01/2007

Okay, I’ve rumbled you lot… That’s clearly the same orange held by by three different people.

Might explain why the chap in the top right of the first picture is so excited – he’s in on the joke!

2. Alfie Noakes - 08/01/2007

I think taking fruit and veg into football grounds trivialises the plight of farmers and farmworkers in the developing World. I find this offensive and the sooner it is stopped the sooner I will be happy. This is not how I expect Watford supporters to behave.

Whatever next? Insults at a foreign goalkeeper? It’s just the thin end of the wedge…..

3. Matt Rowson - 08/01/2007

Al, you are the dullest person in the world.

4. Terry Jones - 08/01/2007

Hi Matt! You’ve posted smth on my Russian blog and now it’s my turn 🙂 I think it would be great to take carrot to Upton Park. Carrot is for Curbishly 🙂

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