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It’s about time… 12/01/2007

Posted by Ian Grant in Thoughts about things.

On the plus side, there hasn’t been the sheer, unadulterated misery of December 1999, when we couldn’t buy a half-decent performance, let alone a draw, let alone a win. The memory of that god-awful afternoon at Selhurst lives long. The league table might not lie, but it’s certainly being rather economical with the truth: we haven’t yet sunk that low, not even vaguely. You could argue that it took about three years to get over that yawning, gaping nadir.

On the other hand, that season gave us two lasting memories amid all of the glumness and the gallows humour: two famous victories that, while a little tarnished, haven’t really been obscured by the months of failure surrounding them. If anything, the obvious difficulty of it all just makes them tower all the more. If you’re Watford, you don’t win at Anfield every season. You don’t beat Chelsea often either, even if that was a very different club to the current…well, whatever it’s supposed to be. They count for something, days like that. If we are to get relegated, they make the whole exercise more than a rushed bank raid; if, somehow, we are to survive, they must surely be the catalyst.

Watching three thousand Stockport fans go completely berserk when they took the lead at the weekend, I thought that I hadn’t done that for a little while. Not just lost it in the frenzy of celebration at a goal so vital and stunning and impossible that logic simply shuts down and leaves the rest of you to get on with it. Not since, ironically, Selhurst, in all probability. One or two of those moments would make all of the difference.

Tomorrow, I wonder…?



1. Brian McArdle - 12/01/2007

We could do with a lift, no doubt about it. Looking forward to seeing Hoskins and Williamson hopefully.

Have heard there is much unhappines about the sackings yesterday within the club, loyal servants told to pack thier bags immediately – heard that before somewhere

2. plbaxter - 12/01/2007

Whatever you might think about this government, I think their views on education could be translated to our situation. I see a future headline:

“Chelsea relegated as Premier League introduces Contextual Value Added Tables”.”

3. Laurence Boyd - 13/01/2007

Oh dear. What a miserable afternoon. Did the sackings influence the performance? Did either Bangura or Mahon manage two consecutive touches in the first half? Did we make a poor Liverpool look good? Probably, probably not and yes, I guess… Whatever the truth about the sackings and what ensued this was, for my money – and £420 is feeling like rather a lot at the moment – the worst performance so far.

I hope that it was not the last time I see Ashley Young in yellow this season, watching him develop into the player he is over the last few years has been an enormous pleasure. Come on Watford, let’s lift it from here.

4. Esp - 13/01/2007

Interesting view Brian but the former press officer of the Supporters Trust has gone on record as saying “good riddance” to Hockaday therefore not everyone supports your view

Badly handled: yes; understandable due to our current position: again, yes – in the ruthless world of Premiership football both circumstances are possible and often are (Lewington, Gibbs, Les Reed, Alan Pardew … need I go on?)


5. Mark - 13/01/2007

Well today was a repeat of that Wimbledon game in 99 I feel!

6. petebradshaw - 13/01/2007

On the other hand…

7. DM - 15/01/2007

Great article. Another partial success, then.

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