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Watford 0 Liverpool 3 (13/01/2007) 14/01/2007

Posted by Ian Grant in Match reports.

And the postscript to Friday’s slightly ill-advised article is…



1. Mark - 14/01/2007

When Jordan Stewart is one of the better players it really says a lot about the performance.

Mahon and Bouazza did not seem to be fit and we played too many long balls to small guys.

Why not play 2 strikers up front from the start?

2. Neil - 15/01/2007

We did seem to keep knocking “hit and hope” balls up field to nobody, obviously without looking and seeing that there was noone with a cat in hells chance of getting to the ball. Very dissapointing….

3. Stuart - 15/01/2007


4. Marlon - 15/01/2007

Time to relax, sell AY, don’t spend the money – forget about premiership survival – start playing attractive football, risk and accept a few wallopings, surprise ourselves with a few wins – we are good enough to win at least six or seven of the remaining fixtures and if we go down at the end of this season, then at least be in a good shape and state of mind, for our youngsters to be outstanding in the championship next season. If we had a Collins John,WR and or CD who begrudged coming to us, then we would lose them at the end of the season and have to build all over again, whereas we have some fantastic youngsters for whom success in the championship next season will be a good stepping stone in their careers and who will be happy to get promotion as champions with WFC next season and will stay and achieve top ten the following season.

5. John - 16/01/2007


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