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Turnips on telly 21/01/2007

Posted by Ian Grant in Five-a-day Awaydays.

Heaven only knows how this’ll turn out, but it would appear that our five-a-day crusade will be featured on tonight’s edition of Match of the Day 2 (BBC1, 10.45pm). You can already picture Adrian Chiles’ face, I think. As, handily, neither Matt nor I were available for the shoot (we know all of the jargon, y’see) at Villa Park yesterday, we can’t be held in any way responsible if it turns out to be ever so slightly toe-curling. No, really, we can’t. No, stop it. No.


1. Mike - 21/01/2007

Idly watching MOTD2 and this comes on! Gosh, I’m so excited.

2. Stuart - 22/01/2007

I was suprised to see this on MOTD2 last night. I think I was hiding behind the sofa by the end!

3. Fran - 22/01/2007

Were we really that embarrassing? I had a good amount of red wine to numb the pain, so cannot judge.

4. Nick B - 22/01/2007

Seemed quite normal next to the reprise of the wonderful Stallone plus tea at Goodison footage

5. Andrew Beeston - 22/01/2007

Does anybody have a video copy of the turnip section of MotD2 – maybe a YouTube style grab or whatever ?

Don’t worry, it’s not for blackmail but more that I’ve been trying to explain it to somebody who missed it and Auntie Beeb don’t repeat MotD2

Any help appreciated…

6. cyaninternetdog - 23/01/2007

Good on you guys for keeping some fun going in this awful season, liked what the security/ steward said about turnips being fine but a definate no to sprouts :D.

7. Colin - 23/01/2007

I heard someone was going to put a copy on ebay

8. Nick - 26/01/2007

Thanks for making my club a laughing stock. Why is it we have a high selection of window lickers?

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