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Mangoes Apples and pears to Upton Park 24/01/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

We’re getting a bit seasonal with this week’s selection… it’s in the high twenties outside, not a hint of rain for the last ten days, lazy relaxation the order of the day… so it has to be Mangoes for the weekend cup tie at West Ham.

What do you mean, it’s not sunny where you are? Do you think I care? After all the nonsense I’ve sat through this season, the boys wait until I’m in another continent to serve up another win…

I want to see pics of 2000 Mangoes in the away end, or I’ll want to know the reason why…



1. Ian Grant - 24/01/2007

Hey, Rowson! Get aht of it! I was just in the process of writing this….

“Fuelled by local and national media coverage, the five-a-day bandwagon rolls into East London on Saturday…and it’s certainly not too late to jump aboard and join the fun. Almost inevitably, the trip to Cockney World means that the fruit ‘n’ veg of choice will be apples and pears. Both, please, not one or the other. Extra points for buying them from Martin Fowler’s market stall.”

It’s always the same, isn’t it? A bit of fame and fortune, everything seems set fair…and then musical differences rear their ugly head. Mangoes, my backside….

2. Matt - 24/01/2007

So which is it then?

3. petebradshaw - 24/01/2007

What’s “mangoes” rhyming slang for anyway? Car?

man goes into a bar – car…. I’ll get me porridge…

4. DM - 24/01/2007

Fight, Fight, Fight ! Come on kids, gather round before teacher gets here….

5. Ian Grant - 24/01/2007

It’s quite clear, I think. Any one of the following is acceptable:

1. A mango. If you must.
2. An apple and a pear. Both, not just one of them.
3. A mango, an apple and a pear, if you want to hedge your bets.
4. A tasty fruit salad containing all of the items in #3, perhaps with some kiwi fruit if you’re feeling a bit la-di-da.
5. Please note that Rule #5 does not apply on this occasion.

Hope that helps.

6. billyo - 24/01/2007

Isn’t the final line of the nursey line Oranges & Lemons something to do with Bow Bells? That would have apt too. Though Oranges and Lemons have both been done before.

7. Esp - 24/01/2007

Scene from the BHaPPY members Xmas party:

Matt R: I would like the Roast Turkey please, madam

Waitress: And the vegetables?

ig: Yes, they’ll have the same..

(…well, someone had to say it!)

Esp (still euphoric after Tuesday night at the Vic)

8. Matt - 25/01/2007

Surely the Mango should be left until ManUre?

9. Nick B - 25/01/2007

Sorry but fruit is now passe 9as opposed to presse)

Anyone know if there’s a sell on for Lee Cook – £4 million????

10. LL121 - 25/01/2007

And the Dan Quayle award for spelling goes to everyone who wrote Mangoes rather than Mangos.

11. NRC - 26/01/2007

God, to think we have to go through all this again in two weeks time.

Disappointed our turnip pic didn’t make the site, did you get it or were you just overwhelmed with offers?

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