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Watford 2 Blackburn Rovers 1 (23/01/2007) 25/01/2007

Posted by Ian Grant in Match reports.

Now that I’ve remembered it, the one-word match report is…



1. Mark - 25/01/2007


Not pretty but we did deserve it and credit to the whole team for an improved performance.

Keeps the anti-Boothroyd mob quiet for a whille.

Was pleased that Henderson and Francis put in decent displays which was a surprise on current form.

Like the look of Hoskins and well a few more points and who knows…we might not finish bottom!

2. will - 25/01/2007

well deserved congratulations. be nice if we could keep this up though !

3. Nick - 26/01/2007

Which anti-Boothroyd mob? You must be hearing/seeing different things to me at games. Perhaps all this fruit/vegetable shenanigans is making you go blind and deaf?

It was a very good win, well fought and well deserved. Hoskins and Hendo struck up a very good partnership.

4. Nick B - 26/01/2007

Anyone who is anti-Boothroyd is a cretin and simply doesn’t understand the game as it is in the 21st century

5. Nick B - 26/01/2007

The word is BANG by the way

6. Al - 28/01/2007

“anti-Boothroyd MOB” ?????

7. Mark - 31/01/2007

Not one here but just read a few letters in the Watford Observer about people having some strange dislike for Aidy.

8. stephen hoffman - 31/01/2007

hoskins wasn’t that good to be honest he didn’t seem to be up to the premiership yet , in time maybe but not yet. henderson had a blinder of a game along with francis he plays better with bangura than he does with mahon.

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