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Wellington boot (fruit) at the pantomime dame (game)* 31/01/2007

Posted by Ian Grant in Five-a-day Awaydays.

No sign of any mango(e)s, but plenty of apples and pears to celebrate our unlikely win at the Boleyn….

Five-a-day legend Frances Lynn appears to be holding two apples. However, the BHaPPY judges have examined the entry in some detail and are satisfied that the item on the right is indeed a pear. No further action is required.

Hazel Cooper, adding to the five-a-day fun by sitting in front of someone who appears to be sucking a lemon. (Is that harsh? I’m not sure.)

Graham Cooper expressing the sheer joy of eating a pear. The apple had already been consumed, apparently. That’s the spirit. Try it with the potatoes tonight….

Wisely taking no chances, Ben Young appears to have arrived around midday to be sure of the perfect photo op. Good work, that man.

Dan York claims of his wares that ‘these are genuine east London fruit – purchased from the finest (and only) grocer on Prince Regent Lane E16, “Bubble and Squeak”‘. It’s not quite Mark Fowler’s fruit ‘n’ veg stall, but it’s a good effort nonetheless.

* Proof, if it were needed, that it takes more than a poxy English degree to get the hang of this rhyming slang business.


1. Ben - 01/02/2007

I resent the assumption that I arrived early in order to secure a good location for the photo. Truth is, the journey time for a tube trip across London was wildly overestimated, for which I blame London Underground by ensuring their trains run perfectly when I don’t need them to.

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