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Watford 0 Everton 3 (24/02/2007) 26/02/2007

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A slow news week… 23/02/2007

Posted by Ian Grant in Five-a-day Awaydays.
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Our local correspondent informs us that we’re cluttering up the front page of the free Watford Observer once again. A report on lucky carrots at West Ham, it appears…albeit with an entirely warranted reprise for the pic of Toddy with a lemon, an image that sums up the project better than any number of words.



Kicking off 22/02/2007

Posted by Ian Grant in Thoughts about things.

Thing is, it’s essentially quite simple. If a television company isn’t able to find a suitable time for a fixture within its cramped schedule, that’s not so hard to understand. Face it, Plymouth Argyle v Watford is not that particular weekend’s prime draw…and we ought (both) to be proud of that fact, since endless repeats of Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United might draw armchair punters but capture nothing of the competition’s supposedly glorious spirit. The BBC’s pride at providing coverage of all four quarter-finals doesn’t really hide the stark reality: that this is a game they’d happily forget about, and blamelessly so. They have other priorities…bigger fish to fry, larger egos to massage.

Given that, how on earth have we reached a position where a broadcaster’s disinterests can entirely override the needs of those who actually care about the event? Why am I not able to go to a massively important game involving my team because the BBC doesn’t really want to cover it and therefore can’t find an appropriate time? That is an absurdity…and it is the kind of absurdity that results from a decision-making process in which nobody represents supporters’ interests. According to Roger Mosey, Director of BBC Sport, “we don’t want to put travelling fans to any inconvenience if we can possibly avoid it.” By which logic, either travelling fans haven’t been put to any inconvenience by being asked to start a two hundred and fifty mile journey at half eight on a Sunday night, or Plymouth Argyle v Watford could not possibly have happened at any other time apart from six o’clock on said Sunday night. Um, yeah. Go figure.

As ever, we’re the last to know, long after anything can be done about it. It’s not our game, after all; it’s not for us to decide. We’re just supposed to turn up with comedy vegetables on cue. You can feel the frustration in Graham Simpson’s quoted views, mainly because it’s your own frustration; it’s reassuring and pleasing to see the club taking such a clear stance, and free coach travel will probably help some people to get to the game. But it’s not the heart of the matter. You need to harness that frustration while it’s fresh, or nothing ever changes. Perhaps nothing ever changes anyway…but you don’t find out without trying.

Tell the FA what you think for a start. Tell the BBC too. And if you’ve got any ideas for going further, let’s have ’em.

Watford 1 Wigan Athletic 1 (21/02/07) 21/02/2007

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Things to do when it’s Monday 19/02/2007

Posted by Ian Grant in Thoughts about things.

#1: Sign the Football Supporters’ Federation’s petition on ticket prices. Because it’s gotta be better than waiting for the club to flog your seat to someone with a better job, a fatter credit card, and shoes that’ve actually been cleaned since they were made.

#2: Let someone else know.

#3: Have a bit of a lie-down. You deserve it.

Watford 1 Ipswich Town 0 (17/02/2007) 19/02/2007

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Lucky carrots! 14/02/2007

Posted by Ian Grant in Five-a-day Awaydays.

After months of desperate searching, it was almost inevitable that the search for a lucky vegetable would end with the humble-but-mighty carrot. If only we’d tried it sooner, we’d be nudging into the Champions League places, all of that bluster from Young Adrian would seem like over-cautious understatement, Collins John would’ve paid us to jump aboard the bandwagon, and I’d be able to find the bugs in this blasted Actionscript. Still, perhaps it’s not too late….

Ed and Nick Corble win bonus points for including someone dressed in a carrot costume in the background.

Match of the Day pundits Frances Lynn and Farzana Chaudry with some local produce, purchased at the Queens Market in Green Street, apparently the oldest street market in London. “Cor blimey, guvnor!” and suchlike.

Frances’ nieces Madeleine and Amelia decorated their carrots for their first away game…and very much enjoyed the result, given that their dad is an Un’appy ‘Ammer….

Nigel and Cate, also with some suitably smiley carrots. Behind, a woman apparently engaged in some pre-match bird-watching. Or perhaps she’s just looking for Gareth Williams, who seems to have disappeared.

Back from his travels, it’s Matt Rowson!

Back from his travels, it’s Ian Grant!

(Hands up who wishes we were still doing BSaD instead of this nonsense…? Yeah, well, tough…)

West Ham United 0 Watford 1 (10/02/2007) 11/02/2007

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Is that a mouldy potato in your pocket, or…? 05/02/2007

Posted by Ian Grant in Five-a-day Awaydays.
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It would appear that most of you were much too busy fluttering your eyelashes at Tommy Mooney for any five-a-day fun…although we note and applaud Frances Lynn’s attempts to get the great man to take part. Anyway, to business….

Pete Bradshaw, apparently sitting on the same row as some very, very small people.

Chris Stride, Sarah Anderson and a spud-shaped steward for an excellent bonus point.

Jeff Bartrop, who is to be applauded for finding a potato that appears to have some sort of unpleasant disease (might it be bird flu? OHMYGOD, IS IT BIRD FLU? SAVE YOURSELVES! RUN FOR THE HILLS!), along with Celebrity Big Brother contestants Frances Lynn and Farzana Chaudry.

Cate Lynn – sister of Frances – and her fiancé Nigel, looking suitably excited by a visit to the Theatre of Dreams (TM).

Carrots to West Ham 05/02/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Thoughts about things.

As nominated by our friends at www.sports.ru , the nominated greengrocery for this weekend’s return to Upton Park is the humble Carrot.

 You know what to do.