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Manchester United lots Watford nuffink (31/01/2007) 01/02/2007

Posted by Ian Grant in Match reports.

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1. Jimbo - 01/02/2007

I’d forgotten how bad it felt to lose a game ALMOST!

2. Mark - 01/02/2007


3. Producer Bob - 01/02/2007

Surely surely the only word to sum up last night is….


4. JJ - 02/02/2007


5. Stuart - 02/02/2007

I was quite proud though at the end.

6. FC - 02/02/2007

why use one when several will do

Sh!t plastic fans, sh!t leg room, sh!t stewards, sh!t selection of pies (wot no chicken balti) , sh!t loos, sh!t soleless stadium

7. Billyo - 02/02/2007


8. John - 02/02/2007

The last 15 minutes were indeed uplifting, or at least dulled the pain. It reminded me of a Socratic Dialogue, starting with concrete experience and an understanding between the participants (the “left side/right side” dichotomy). Moving swiftly on from the opening dialectic, the subsidiary question emerged (who are you, who are you …), resulting in the drive to a consensus (we are the ‘orns. we are the orns, etc etc). Awesome. Taking inspiration from Rene Descartes, one of the founders of Western philosophy, one can only conclude: Canto, ergo sum!

9. Rich W - 03/02/2007


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