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Watford 0 Bolton Wanderers 1 (03/02/2007) 04/02/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

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1. Mark - 04/02/2007


2. Mark Copplestone - 04/02/2007


3. David - 04/02/2007

Yet another game with no Watford goal. And still Boothroyd won’t play Priskin. What’s going on? I live in Budapest and I’ve seen Priskin play for Hungary U-21s and for the senior national side. He will play for Hungary again in an international this Wednesday. If the boy’s good enough to play international football why the hell doesn’t Boothroyd pick him? Marlon King is injured, Ashley Young has gone and Henderson is having a nightmare of a season.
Instead we sign a nutter who got kicked out of Millwall for threatening a team mate with a knife! Boothroyd is in denial if he really thinks Watford can stay up. 13 games to go and only 15 points.What is there to lose by giving Priskin a decent run in the first team?

4. JJ - 04/02/2007

How the Waterloo Weapon contrived to make such an appalling advert for football, (any football, let alone “best league in the world ” and all that bllx) even worse than it already was is quite an astonishing achievement.

Ugly indeed… in every possible sense.

5. Matt Rowson - 04/02/2007

Priskin is getting there, but hasn’t exactly siezed the chances he’s been given. His later performances were encouraging, but the sending off at Fulham was silly. I would also dispute that Doris is having a nightmare, although a goal or two would help… he’s still in the side on the basis of working his nuts off, and was our only attacking player of any consequence against Bolton. Ashikodi has only played once, so it’s hardly the case that he’s been chosen above Priskin.

As for Boothroyd being in denial, what’s he supposed to say? “Yes, we’re shit and going down” ? Relentless positiveness didn’t do so badly for us last season.

6. Mark - 04/02/2007

Priskin and Hoskins would do well if the ball was played to their feet.

Felt sorry for Henderson having to case all the long balls to no great effect as no-one else was running onto the knock downs.

Williamson and Williams will need time to settle and they like the passing game fron what I have heard.

7. Alan Ambler - 04/02/2007

I agree Matt, Doris is playing well considering the service he is getting and the style of play we use, he needs a goal to go in off his little finger or anything but just score!
Relegation looms very large indeed…but that doesnt mean that a miracle couldn’t happen, we get 7 points from our next three and suddenly it looks abit rosier….there is no point saying ‘oh well we are down’ cos then we play even worse, get our asses kicked 4-5 nothing every game and go into next season with no confidence at all (rather than a little bit from not getting hammered every game..)

Chins firmly up please lads!

8. Graeme Bowd - 05/02/2007

It’s hardly fair to say Priskin hasn’t taken his chances. They have been precious few — and did he not score in the Wigan mudbath? What he needs is a decent run, say 4-5 starts. Otherwise we will just go on as a side which does not have a single proper striker available who has scored a Premiership goal this season. Is this a record?
For all his commendable hard work, Doris is clearly not going to cut it at this level. Hoskins and Ashikodi will take time to find their feet, Kabba did not score in his last 23 games for Sheffield Utd and was surely hired out of desperation after the likes of Collins John said “no thanks.” Hameur looks best on the left, especially now Ashley has gone. That leaves young Tamas — but sadly it looks as if Betty doesn’t fancy him.

9. David - 05/02/2007


10. david c. (watford) - 05/02/2007

On saturday the team looked to me as if had accepted it fate already; I felt Bolton were ordinary and beatable on the day by any effective mid-table Premiership side. The problem was that we were not effective. Too many times the ball was needlessly given away through poor passes or mis-directed clearances.i.e. The simple stuff that makes ordinary teams into good teams. I’m not talking great teams, that’s one stage further, let’s get some basics right & build upon that. Fancy, clever stuff can come after we get our bed & butter ordinary football back on the right track.

ps Doris is doing OK holding up the line & I’d like to see Priskin given another chance; poor old Hoskins confidence has almost gone; he’s young and is one for the future, we need experience.

11. Peter Smith - 05/02/2007

What I’ve seen of Tamas he looks lightweight and gets pushed off of the ball too easily. I still think Hendo should stay on as he causes problems for defenders, once we get a penalty (???) let him take it to get off the mark. As for Aidy being in denial, he denied we would be relegation favourites last year, look where that got him !!! Don’t forget he is the youngest manager in the Premiership (not Prem ……) whith the smallest club battling away. If you don’t believe it watch the Play Off Final again, then look at “mighty Leeds” a big club who “deserved” to be promoted, I know who I would rather support

12. Nick B - 05/02/2007


or perhaps I can wheel out crepuscular again (look it up)

13. will - 05/02/2007

total excruciating unceasing depair.

14. NIck H - 05/02/2007

Unfortunately made the mistake of Man Utd and Bolton Games . to make my bi-annual trip from Hungary. Utd result was not unexpected and Spurs subsequent homt drubbing makes it more acceptable. Bolton, must win game, so we play with one up front. I thought i’d come off the M25 at the wrong junction and gone to Twickers for the rugby. Every time we get the ball …..hoof!! straight in the air and give it away. Then watch Mahon and francis chase shadows for 5 mins . win it back string two passes together and ……. Still if Jonny Wilkinson has another fitness scare they can always call on Mackay and Demerit for drop goals and conversions……..oh s*hit there not even english are they!
PS David in Budapest is there a Magyar Watord Klub?

15. JJ - 05/02/2007

I see Doris scored the winner for the reserves against the arse the other night so there’s hope yet… poor bugger left all on his lonesome Saturday, again. He’s done a grand job all bar the scoring just lately.

Tamas… has something, but he is not a Prem (not etc etc) player, needs to put on a bit of weight. Has an eye for goal IMHO though, and I’d put him back in the squad.

Anyone else notice that apart from being the smallest club in the Prem, we also have the smallest team – week in week out.

Lastly Bolton won ugly, did just enough to beat us (mainly cos we did next to sweet FA for 90 minutes) and had we raised our game I just feel they would have done the same. They’re not 5th for no reason.
A bad day at the office, hopefully we can recover against the irons before the season goes even more pear-shaped than it has already.

16. Ralph - 06/02/2007

I am resigned (sorry Aidy) the Bolton game was my last straw. At least we will get more games for our money in the 2nd Division!

17. Matt Rowson - 06/02/2007


Liam Henderson scored the winner for the reserves, not Doris, although I agree with your sentiment. Priskin was never bought for “now”,so it’s a bit early to say he’s not a Prem player… one for the future. I just thought he’s not really pulled up any trees (one good performance in a rainstorm ain’t enough, not even this season) and doesn’t really justify the immediate recall that David calls for further up – Hungarian international or otherwise.

18. EMC - 06/02/2007

Isn’t there too much of this ‘one for the future’ business? What about next season? And if you’re going to go sell our best player to Villa, surely we need someone other than an unexperienced ‘one for the future’ to replace him?

ps I have very little hope for Doris. He’s one for the bin.

19. JJ - 07/02/2007


I stand corrected on Doris / Liam… wishful thinking, not checking my facts, assumption being the mother of all cock-ups etc.

As for Tamas, I have very high hopes for him. Bangs them in for his country and has a keen eye for goal not seen since, hmmm, MoJo perhaps. Took an excellent penalty against Accy after a mare of a game – many wouldn’t have had the bottle or would have missed badly after that performance.

He ain’t there yet as far as the Prem (not not) is concerned, and I’d agree about him being one for the future – a 4 year contract (was it not?) says it all – but I’d certainly have him on the bench. I thought he did well against Fulham and Wigan, so he was on the up in terms of confidence. Worth another go this season, for my money.

20. plbaxter - 07/02/2007

There’s no doubt that Doris is a trier but he’s short of class at this level. He’s particularly exposed when we play one up as his close control isn’t good enough to hold up play while support arrives. Too often he ends up flicking on to the opposition’s keeper or centre half.

21. Ralph - 07/02/2007

Did anyone else notice against Bolton how much Hoskins runs around like a busy fool?

22. Matt Rowson - 07/02/2007

🙂 That’s a bit harsh Ralph. “Trying too hard” is how I’d put it.

23. JJ - 08/02/2007

And at least Hoskins was running…

24. Dave Glover - 08/02/2007


25. Ralph - 08/02/2007

Runnings fine by me, but he might like to have the ball at the time!

26. Rich W - 08/02/2007


27. Mark - 08/02/2007

It seems that WAtford are in denial – why isn’t there a mention on the officaial site of Proskin’s three goals in an international tournamnet in Cyprus? (Tuesday and Wednesday)

28. matthew prout - 08/02/2007

so next season we will have

priskin,doris,marlon,ashikodi,kabba,hoskins and theo robinson.

from famine to feast…

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