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Lucky carrots! 14/02/2007

Posted by Ian Grant in Five-a-day Awaydays.

After months of desperate searching, it was almost inevitable that the search for a lucky vegetable would end with the humble-but-mighty carrot. If only we’d tried it sooner, we’d be nudging into the Champions League places, all of that bluster from Young Adrian would seem like over-cautious understatement, Collins John would’ve paid us to jump aboard the bandwagon, and I’d be able to find the bugs in this blasted Actionscript. Still, perhaps it’s not too late….

Ed and Nick Corble win bonus points for including someone dressed in a carrot costume in the background.

Match of the Day pundits Frances Lynn and Farzana Chaudry with some local produce, purchased at the Queens Market in Green Street, apparently the oldest street market in London. “Cor blimey, guvnor!” and suchlike.

Frances’ nieces Madeleine and Amelia decorated their carrots for their first away game…and very much enjoyed the result, given that their dad is an Un’appy ‘Ammer….

Nigel and Cate, also with some suitably smiley carrots. Behind, a woman apparently engaged in some pre-match bird-watching. Or perhaps she’s just looking for Gareth Williams, who seems to have disappeared.

Back from his travels, it’s Matt Rowson!

Back from his travels, it’s Ian Grant!

(Hands up who wishes we were still doing BSaD instead of this nonsense…? Yeah, well, tough…)



1. DM - 14/02/2007

Matt Rowson.. back from his travels and looking really happy about it………

Are you saving the smile for the last away game or summat ?

2. Matt Rowson - 15/02/2007

It was nice and warm in Africa, and it bloody isn’t here.

Plus, this fruit’n’veg is a serious business.

3. FC - 15/02/2007

Minor Obervation – The men seem to hold ther carrots with a much firmer grip than the ladies do

4. Nick B - 15/02/2007

Matt – did you pass thru Customs with that mouthful of sprouts? Which game are you saving them for?

5. Mike S - 15/02/2007

FYI, my hand is up.

6. Billyo - 15/02/2007

I also can’t help but notice that Nigel & Cate have not bought their own carrots and have instead stolen them from some children.

7. Cate - 16/02/2007

I decorated all 4 carrots, how could you possibly think i’d mug my own nieces for their carrots!!!!!!!!!!

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