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Things to do when it’s Monday 19/02/2007

Posted by Ian Grant in Thoughts about things.

#1: Sign the Football Supporters’ Federation’s petition on ticket prices. Because it’s gotta be better than waiting for the club to flog your seat to someone with a better job, a fatter credit card, and shoes that’ve actually been cleaned since they were made.

#2: Let someone else know.

#3: Have a bit of a lie-down. You deserve it.


1. Ben - 20/02/2007

Done – £48 for Chelsea was too much, particularly when I found out my mate sat with the home fans for £25.

2. MaRk - 21/02/2007

Hooray for the FSF – especially as their Treasurer is a Dickie Davies look-a-like!

3. MaRk - 21/02/2007
4. Billyo - 21/02/2007

Where’s the petition about football fans being shafted by TV companies?


5. petebradshaw - 22/02/2007

Things to do on a Monday? Arrive home from a game at 2am?

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