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Watford 1 Wigan Athletic 1 (21/02/07) 21/02/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Your one-word match report is:



1. Kev - 21/02/2007


2. Matt - 21/02/2007

I think that Smith’s final corner summed it all up. Panicky and not very good.

3. petebradshaw - 22/02/2007


4. Sequel - 22/02/2007

The one thing worse than our performance last night was the whingeing from the crowd. If you can’t say anything encouraging guys, say nothing!

5. Himji - 22/02/2007


6. MattB - 22/02/2007

No keeper on the bench? Bet Aidy never does that again.

7. david c. (watford) - 22/02/2007

I’m fuming this morning. Just what was Betty thinking to choose the substitutes without including a goalkeeper. We had the advantage of an extra player wiped out by having to play an extra defender to protect an injured Foster. Wigan were on the ropes and waiting for the knockout blow and through this gaff (which was nearly as bad as playing Shittu at cenre forward in the Sheffield Utd game) we handed them a point which they gratefully played for all through the second half. You could see what it meant to them when they went to greet their fans at the end.

8. NRC - 22/02/2007

Fun! Taking a cue from Aidy let’s lighten up a bit. Yes, the blow to Foster was pivotal and made it 10 v. 10 and yes not having a spare on the bench was a mistake especially after almost exactly the same thing happened to him at Pompey (where Lee stepped in). Yes, we should have won it. But … this was a good old fashioned end to end relegation battle and at least we didn’t concede with seconds to go as we might have done before Christmas. Aidy’s learning, the team’s learning but hell, this is a tough Division if you haven’t got a paymaster with millions behind you so let’s take it on face value. Who ever said following Watford wasn’t a frustrating experience!

9. Jimbo - 22/02/2007


10. Aled - 22/02/2007

We’ve not had a keeper on the bench in most of our recent games, and i didn’t hear anyone complaining. It meant we had more attacking options on the bench, and 5 wins in 9 shows that to some extent it has paid off. A keeper getting injured doesn’t happen too often, and in our predicament i think it seemed like a risk worth taking…

11. phil a - 22/02/2007

we lacked the quality to knock them over

12. MattW - 22/02/2007

Matt – no, I think that’s just the usual Tommy Smith corner, seems a very rare occassion that they beat the first man. Stewart put a couple of good ones over before that though.

13. MP - 22/02/2007


14. Nick B - 22/02/2007


15. WitneyOrn - 22/02/2007

Where’s the downpour when you need it?!

16. DM - 22/02/2007


17. Marky C - 22/02/2007

Very frustrating that we struggled to retain possession last night with too many aimless balls finding a blue shirt instead of a yellow one….ho hum

18. FC - 23/02/2007

Can we please just go down now, quickly and quietly

19. matthew prout - 23/02/2007

whats happened to gareth williams?

20. mb - 23/02/2007

there is often talk about ‘special ‘nights under the floodlights-
if we go down ,three matches under the lights –
Fulham, Sheff Utd and Wigan will be special for the wrong reasons.

21. Esp - 24/02/2007

Can I also add to the above our 11 goal thriller (!!!) last September against Accrington Stanley which I had the misfortune to go to. That was under floodlights and ended after 120 minutes 0-0


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