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Watford 0 Everton 3 (24/02/2007) 26/02/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Your one word match report is:



1. david c. (watford) - 26/02/2007

I felt intimidated by so-called Everton supporters in the “friends of Watford box” in The Rous Stand on Saturday night.
The bad behaviour of these Everton supporters in (according to the the steward) a private box that had been allocated to the match-ball sponsor was not a one-off, for, I learned from other supporters in the Rous stand when leaving the ground, that there was trouble in other private boxes.
I am a long-term season ticket holder and have not felt as uneasy as this at a game for a very long time. Many of my friends and their families around my seat in the stand felt likewise. Despite requests, the stewards could not eject the Everton supporters because of the clubs mixed fan policy in the Rous.
I have asked the club to re-consider their policy of allowing away supporters in the Upper Rous private boxes because I certainly didn’t think the fans in the sponsor’s private box on Saturday were “friends of Watford”, they were more like “fiends of Watford”. ps I’ve no comment on the game other than “Argh!”

2. Marlon's knee - 26/02/2007

It’s better than sitting next to the chav scum at the front of the Rookery. In one special family, the father barks at me for clapping the opposition keeper as he takes his place in goal in front of the Rookery at the start of the second half and then allows his 8 year old son to call various opposition players “you f****** c***” at random points during the game.Occasionally we are treaed to various xenophobic rants aswell. Being Spanish is clearly a heinous crime – you can imagine his rage when Liverpool came to play and Alonso dared to stand in the penalty area for a corner.

Or the psycho behind me who asks various Watford defenders, normally Demerit, when anywhere near an opposition player who has the ball to “break his “f*****g legs.” Charming.

As for Saturday: “effortless”

3. Stuart - 26/02/2007

Scunthorpe away, i’m actually looking forward to that next season. I really am. Is there going to be another ‘We Are Out of Your League’ party at the last game against Newcastle??!!

4. PJ - 26/02/2007


5. PJ - 26/02/2007


6. PJ - 26/02/2007


7. LL121 - 27/02/2007

To David C – it’s been a long lamented point that stewards don’t throw out opposition fans from the Rookery which is definitely not for “friends of watford”, I’ve got to say it’s a shame they don’t have some sort of policing in the Rous mind. Saturday’s one non-verbal match report:

8. Ralph - 27/02/2007

Bring on the Southend

9. Rich W - 27/02/2007


10. Tapps - 27/02/2007


11. PJ - 27/02/2007

Boothroyd’s January Signings :-

Kabba – runs alot, huffs and puffs, not good enough 6/10
Hoskins – OUT OF HIS DEPTH 4/10
Williamson – OUT OF HIS DEPTH 4/10
Williams – Nice but not good enough 5/10
Asikodi – better and younger than Kabba, 7/10
Cavalli – at last, someone who WANTS the ball 8/10
Rinaldi – another ball player (play him Sat) TBC
Avenell – not seen yet

Net result = over 2M quid on players that would get you promotion from league one, and relegated from Championship. laughing stock in Premiership.

Existing squad in a word :-

Foster – Gone …….
Lee – Nervous
Doyley – Conference
marriappa – Loan
Stewart – Improved
Powell – retired
Demerit – Tired
Mackay – Old
Shittu – Injured
Carlisle – slow
Chambers – average
Smith – flatlined
Mahon – Walsall
Francis – Shadow
Bangura – crack
Bouazza – Villa
Blizzard – Stockport
Jarrett – strangler
Mcnamee – peaked
Henderson – rock
Priskin – tomorrow
King – resume
osbourne – disappeared
chamberlain – grandad
Boothroyd – doubleglazing
Bate – Master
Burkinshaw – where

12. Esp - 28/02/2007


Me and PJ walked out of the Main Stand before the end of the match thus missing their 3rd “nail in our coffin” (sponsored by MK Ginder & Sons). Our gesture towards the team (half of whom will NOT be playing against Charlton on Saturday) therefore sums up our feelings towards the game and a one word match report is … superfluous

13. plbaxter - 28/02/2007

Lots of effort and a better second half but you can’t argue with 3-0. We don’t score goals because we don’t make chances and unfortunately we are among the 3 worst teams in the division.

My only real moan is that we’ve brought in 8 players because the previous squad wasn’t good enough but all 8 newcomers are struggling to get in the side. Maybe bringing in 3 better players would have been a better strategy? If 3 better players would have come to Watford, of course…

14. jimbo - 28/02/2007

Esp I hope you’re right but I have a sinking feeling Mahon and francis will start AGAIN. Rinaldi does’nt even have a squad number yet and Williams has hardly featured – why sign these guys if they’re not going to play?

15. Geoff McPherson - 28/02/2007

Building blocks for long term success that is financially viable

16. EMC - 28/02/2007

PJ, I think you should stop being so negative! I still believe that in the next 5 years, the ‘orns will be back in top flight for at least one mor season.

17. Alan Ambler - 28/02/2007

AARGGH! This negativity drives me crazy, we got in this league YEARS before we should have, did you really expect us to be 10th or something? And ok some of the players he has brought in havent shined, but bear in mind (although he says otherwise) he MUST be thinking of a promotion push next season. I dont remember all this negativity when we were last in the premiership (not, not) so why is it there now? Aidy is a good manager, but he aint a miracle worker, and he is very young too. Come on even Alex Ferguson in his sixties signed some stinkers….you live and learn, and then die and forget it all. Please peeeps, cheer on Aidy, cheer on the team and just enjoy our time in the top tier!!

18. Simon in Oz - 01/03/2007

Jimbo asks why sign them and then not play them. It’s because, as in most recruitment situations even outside professional sport, you can never really tell a person’s worth until they’re with you. Nobody ever gets it right 100% of the time. For every Marlon King you get a Devaney (?) or two. For every Spring (who did a great job for us at a low price) you get a Griffiths.
Nobody’s fault as such. It’s just life.
Sometimes it takes a while, even years for someone to perform. Ross Jenkins was The Galloping Hairpin for 3 years before he became one of Watford’s most effective and admirable players.

19. JM - 01/03/2007

Could not agree more with Alan and Simon. I was there and we played very poorly and Everton deserved to win. Everyone makes mistakes when bringing new people on board in and yes some of the signings look a bit odd but give AB time. Some will work out and some not. Mariappa and Stewart and Prisken and DeMerit and young players like that are the future of the club. Bottom line is Boothroyd is a great manager and without him we would be in Division “1” (ie 3). If we keep supporting him and the team we will be back next year.

20. jimbo - 01/03/2007

Simon I hope you are not saying that Williams and Rinaldi are not up to the standard of our existing midfield otherwise we are in trouble! I just find it puzzling that in the 5 games in February they haven’t featured much when we have been struggling in that area.
I take your point about Jenkins but he was young and raw whereas Williams is 25 and supposed to be one of Leicester’s best players.
I also think Spring was good last year but has not stepped up this year and apparently cost Luton 2 goals against Norwich the other night.
Le’s all hope for a better showing against Charlton whoever plays and a George Reilly (Hendo ?) moment at Plymouth even though we won’t be there this time !

21. Jimbo - 02/03/2007

Hang on, I’m Jimbo. How can you be me?

22. david c. (watford) - 05/03/2007


Dear Sir

Thank you for your e-mail following the match against Everton on the 24th February 2007. Firstly, please accept my apologies for not being able to enjoy the match as you would normally be able to do so.

With regard to the incident involving the guests in one of the executive boxes I had not been made aware of any issues until after the end of the game. I have raised this with the supervisor in question as to why the stadium control room was not notified during the match so the situation could have been dealt with swiftly and promptly at the time.

In the main, the majority of people who are either the box holders or are their guests are well behaved. On this occasion the behaviour of the people in the box in question, who had been invited as guests of one of our seasonal box holders, fell well below the standards of what is expected. A long discussion has been held with the box holder to ensure that this is not repeated reminding them of their responsibilities and to ensure that the people they invite to the box behave in a responsible and decent manner.

This incident has also been brought to the attention of our marketing manager to ensure that the existing plans we have in place can be tightened up further to ensure that this incident is not repeated.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Crabtree

Safety Officer

23. Andy - 09/03/2007

Another fob off from the club about allowing away fans in the Rous stand. I rasied objections to Liverpool fans being in the Lower Rous and got the same useless words. It is about time:

1. The Stewards did their job on the day.
2. The club puts home supporters aqnd season ticket holders interests first.

If Aidy wants the fans to be the 12th man he needs to stand up for the fans too. The only time I have seen the Stewards act is to eject a Watford supporter for responding to the Fulham fans – the most entertaining thing to happen all evening.

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