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Pymouth Argyle 0 Watford 1 (11/03/2007) 13/03/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

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1. Jimbo - 13/03/2007

Not seen much of Watford this year. Now living in Ireland, and too mean to pay for Sky, I wondered how well this team is actually playing, and why we have scored so few points in the League this year. Having seen this display, lacking in composure, skill, pace and passing vision I wonder how did we manage to be placed so high in the League! Hard to see how we have scored any points against Premiership opposition.

Still, looking forward to the trip over to Wembley in May!

2. Alan Ambler - 13/03/2007

I was very disappointed with the performance to be honest, we never got the damn thing down and played football. Just hoofed it long every opportunity and tried to pick up the pieces. Priskin ran hard but never got into it and Mahon was very unimpossing for him. Shittu was a one man mountain and Foster was immense, shame he will be immense for United next season but Lee can step up. We must be better than what we showed on Sunday night next season or we can forget even making the play-offs (if we go down!!!). Still its all about results I guess and the score sheet says one – nil to the ‘orns..

3. Nick Gibb - 13/03/2007


Any supporter will witness their fare share of unjust results going against their club over the years. So you would think that when one goes in your team’s favour (and a proper Cup QF to boot!) it would be a moment to savour…. not for me this time I’m afraid.
Sunday’s efforts left me more confused than ever about the direction this team will take. That was win-ugly. I hope we are aspiring to be better than that.

4. Tops - 13/03/2007

Do you seriously think we play like that EVERY week?! It’s been a hard slog this year, sure, but there’ve been some decent performances in there as well along the way. And besides, the guts shown on saturday by the players made me proud to be a hornet, despite the footballing limitations of the side.

5. Billyo - 13/03/2007

Agree with Tops, there were times at the start of this season we’d have swapped some of the (relatively) good football we were playing, for points won ugly.

We could have played better for sure, but Ian Holloway is not wrong when he said they threw everything at us. But we’re in the last four. I know plenty of Arsenal fans who would swap their beautiful 5th round performance for an ugly 1-0 win against Blackburn.

6. nick - 13/03/2007

my thoughts exactly Billyo. the performance was disappointing, but having not seen a Watford away victory (wembley and cardiff excepted) since portsmouth in August 1998 i don’t care…

7. DM - 13/03/2007

Hollow ? Disapppointed ? Do some of you think you’re supporting Wolves or something ??

I’m all for criticism, and I’ve been extremely critical of the team all year, but they’ve given us another big day out to savour. Anyone who survived Bassett, Harrison, Lee, Perryman, Roeder, Vialli and countless times when we’ve watched genuinely poor sides in yellow really ought to be thrilled. We’re in the Semi Finals of the FA Cup for the FIFTH time in our 125 year history. Who really cares how we got there ?

8. Nick Gibb - 13/03/2007

DM – I do care how we get our results but more importantly I hope that Aidy Boothroyd cares too – otherwise it will need more than free coaches to get people to come to watch us at The Vic, let alone deepest Devon.

9. MP - 13/03/2007

I agree with Nick Gibb

The win left me feeling empty inside… shocking bearing in mind we had just reached the semi final of the FA Cup and I’d spent the weekend in Plymouth to support the side.

Defending deep for 70 minutes was not what I expected, I just wish we actually looked to play the ball out more often rather than a paniced ‘hoof’ to anywhere but in our half.

10. Esp - 13/03/2007

Well said DM. I wasn’t at the match but had the privilige of wtaching it on TV in a bar in SW London.
Yes it wasn’t pretty but I have had trips to Wembley, Cardiff and a few semi-finals thrown in for good measure in the relatively short time I have been a Hornets fan. I’ve only seen 5 managers in that time as well!
If we get defeated by Boro or man Ure it won’t be a disgrace. As others have said we have OVER achieved and didn’t have any divine right to be in the Premiership either.
Other teams would happily have Aidy and Ben Foster and it’s our good fortune that has give us the season we have had. After all as the man once said “You make your own luck”
3 points this Saturday anyone?

11. DM - 13/03/2007

MP, Nick,

Get over yourselves…

12. Nick B - 15/03/2007

Agree DM, I’ve been sickened by our fans racing on to messageboards to put on the hair shirts and prostitute themselves before other teams fans. Most of these probably watched on TV, but it was a game to be at.

I thought we showed great bottle, several Prem sides WOULD have gone out, no danger. I loved it, cathartic and magnificent.

Sharon fruit to Spurs, perhaps?

13. Alan Ambler - 15/03/2007

I agree it was a great defensive display and though they had one or two decent opportunities we did hold them off quite well, Shittu like i said was immense. BUT i went to Argyle – Watford last year, the 3-3 game that started it all and we played better football then than we did on Sunday thats all. Hanging on for a 1-0 win is not something that we can afford to do too often in my opinion

14. Nick Gibb - 15/03/2007

Nick B
If I am required to don a tart’s hirsute attire to express my views then I’m more than happy to oblige (just don’t mention it to my better half Sharon as she probably has less liberal atstes than your good self…)
Although unable to make the trip to WHL be assured that I will have the contents of an entire fruit bowl secreted about my body from 3pm on Saturday – tasty eh?

15. Nick B - 16/03/2007

Nick G

Suggesting sharon fruit to Spurs and your other half being called Sharon is just too spooky.

Assume you will have the fruit secreted below the hair shirt?

My point was more about what we were saying on places like the 606 board, i.e. to others. Regard this as more inward navel gazing, so I’m not trying to proscribe such views on here, however much I disagree with them. Just think we have a bad enough rep with other clubs’ fans without adding to it.

BTW, think today’s WO report is shallow rubbish and that jerk Affleck should be sacked

16. Nick Gibb - 16/03/2007

Don’t be spooked Nick B – was only joking about her being Sharon (although the more I think about it…..no, stop it, not even worth suggesting to her in jest)

“Assume you will have the fruit secreted below the hair shirt?” Now there’s a brilliantly whitty response to that question Nick…. it’s just that I can’t think of it – DOH!

17. PJ - 16/03/2007

Just thought of these one a few days late …….

my one word(ish) match report


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