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Grapes at Home Park 16/03/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

We came, we saw, we ate grapes and left a little sheepishly, but only a little.  Here’s da pics…

 Grapes of Wrath

Alan Ambler cradles his wares lovingly as the stadium fills up behind him.

Grape Expectations

Don Fraser is, as ever, confident that we’ve got it in the bag.

Grape Scott

Frances Lynn goes for the red option; quite right, there was enough green around already.

Alfred the Grape

Yours truly. 



1. WitneyOrn - 16/03/2007
2. Fran - 16/03/2007

Yes, the green grapes were left in the hotel room. A decisive move that, I like to believe, had no little bearing on the outcome of the game.

3. billyo - 16/03/2007

I wonder if a hat has ever looked more mis-placed, given the expression beneath it.

4. Toddy - 16/03/2007

Look’s like SDF’s a Tesco shopper – top every little helps geezer.

5. Simon - 17/03/2007

Hi, a little off-topic, but I’ve written an RSS feed for the watfordfc.com website. Thought you may be interested:

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