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Leeks to Spurs 16/03/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

Sorry that this is a bit late.  Been rather a hectic week, all in all.

 Leeks  tomorrow please…


1. WitneyOrn - 16/03/2007

Hope our defence don’t bring any/too many!!!

2. gatecrasher - 16/03/2007

….. thinks back to Ginola last time….

3. Ben - 16/03/2007

Dependent on Pinner Sainsburys plentiful supply of leeks on a Saturday morning, you may add mine to the pile.

4. JJ - 17/03/2007

…hindsight and all that… how appropriate.

5. Esp - 18/03/2007

Did you explain to Ben Foster that it was leeks and NOT leaks?
That freaky goal should provide some plentiful talk at the next England goalie get together which is very soon of course
Foster … he really is not in our league, is he?


6. WitneyOrn - 19/03/2007

Was I prophetic or what?! (See first comment).

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