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Tottenham Hotspur 3 Watford 1 (17/03/2007) 19/03/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

One-word Match report:



1. Dave - 19/03/2007

could there have been more Spurs fans in the away end? Disgraceful – the club needs to be more careful with who they sell tickets to as home fans in the away end is not a clever idea. Lucky there was no trouble in the crowd.

2. gm - 19/03/2007

If the tickets are not snapped up quickly it would appear NON hornet fans are regularly getting hold of them.

Just wait for the semi – especially if Man U are our opponents. It will be just like Wembley 1984 i.e. outnumbered three to two, and that will be just in our section!

3. PJ - 19/03/2007


4. PJ - 19/03/2007

ugly betty

5. Adam J - 19/03/2007


6. Dave - 20/03/2007

GM, sady, you’re right.

I hope the semi is played at the Emirates – big ground, and near to both Watford and Uniteds fanbase.

7. will - 21/03/2007

watford must feel like those guys in Iraq, while they were waiting to step onto the gallows, and their expected descent into purgatory

8. Kev - 22/03/2007

“expected descent into purgatory” ….
…. or ascent into heaven? It all depends on your point of view!

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