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Watford 0 Chelsea 1 (31/03/2007) 02/04/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

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1. Dave - 02/04/2007


2. Ralph - 02/04/2007

I thought we were excellent apart from Gavin who seems so nervous that he does’nt want the ball and actively seeks to avoid it. We’ve been in the same position so many times this season and fallen for the killer punch.
Hope we play like that against Manure, only with a happier ending.

3. andy - 02/04/2007


4. Nick B - 02/04/2007

Indigestion (Rennie didn’t help…)

5. Nick Gibb - 02/04/2007


Thoroughly enjoyable performance despite (or even because of?) the result. Standing ovation for our lads was thoroughly deserved – results this season having been an irrelevance for some time now in all honesty.

Seeing Smith, Stewart, Chambers, Kabba, Rinaldi & others prepared to carry the ball forward at pace and try to hurt talented opposition reignited the passion in me. If the players develop and the coaching style has an expanisve element to it then that will more than do for me whatever league we are in

One unanswered question though – what exactly did they implant into Uriah’s cranium midway through the 2nd half that restored his performance to merely incompetent where previously it had been truly crass?

6. David Wheatley - 02/04/2007

Fantastic game, the back four did very well and Aidy’s tackticks after the mess at spurs error where spot on. Rinaldi looked very good on the ball, and the fluid midfield made the most of what Smith & Francis have to offer. Up front Kabba had his best display by some margin and made Priskin look lifeless in comparison. Totaly agree with Nick Gibb, seeing our players running at pace with the ball full of commitment is great to see.

7. Mike S - 02/04/2007


8. Rich W - 03/04/2007


9. Esp - 07/04/2007

Unfortunately due to personal commitments I could only watch the first half live but I agree with Ralph above about Gavin.
Something has happened mid way through the season (anyone any clues?) to make Gav completely lose confidence on the ball.
I hadn’t really thought about him actively trying to avoid getting the ball as Ralph has alluded to but I fear he is spot on.
If WE can see it surely Malky and Aidy on the touchline can see it.
If he doesn’t improve his game at Boro and against Pompey on Monday surely a semi-final lace ain’t guaranteed

10. LL121 - 12/04/2007

E.S.P. indeed! Gavin certainly came good Monday.
In response to Nick Gibb – the knocking of sense into Rennie was shown on Soccer AM on Saturday – Francis clocked him a good’en.

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