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The return of the humble-but-mighty carrot 12/04/2007

Posted by Ian Grant in Five-a-day Awaydays.

Dear Dearest Reader,

As you will be aware,  our fortunes on the road during this season have not been what the young folk appear to refer to as “all that”. You may also have noticed that this Saturday’s opponents seem to have hit some form again, after briefly raising our hopes by forgetting to tell Rio Ferdinand to leave his iPod behind before taking the field at Fratton Park.

With that in mind, we feel that it’s appropriate to reprise the most successful of our five-a-day awaydays: the humble-but-mighty carrot saw us to an equally humble-but-mighty victory at Upton Park back in February. Maybe, just maybe, it can do the trick again. We’re not making any promises, of course, but we cannot turn our backs on anything that might help.

Make it happen, people.

Love and kisses,

ig and Matt.


1. Adam J - 12/04/2007

So, this is the big one. No predictions from me, I’ve learned my lesson from the past that my predictions mean nothing. I just hope we give a Watford performance. I’m not even sure what that means anymore but if I see it I’ll know. Let’s give it our all, both the fans and the players. And who knows, it’s the FA cup…

2. Jon - 12/04/2007

I get my veg delivered by Riverford Organic Farms and they just left a huge bag of juicing carrots with this week’s order – perfect timing for the Semi Final. There must be a suitable pun about juicing in there somewhere …

3. Drew - 13/04/2007

Come on Matt, lets have an old fashioned BSad Stylee preview just for old times sake. Go On. You know you want to.

4. petebradshaw - 13/04/2007

So long as the carrots don’t inspire Paul Scholes …

5. Ben - 13/04/2007

Thank god for that, a vegetable I might just be able to procure at 12 hours notice. I arrived back from the godless wilds of Reading hoping for something nice and simple, and this appears to be perfect. Now for a pathetic attempt at punnery: Never look a gift horse in the mouth before giving him a carrot. Or something.

6. Chris Baker - 15/04/2007

Where do I send my carroty photo?

7. Matt Rowson - 15/04/2007

matt (at) bsad (dot) org will do it

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