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Watford 1 Manchester United 4 (14/04/2007) 16/04/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

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1. Fran - 16/04/2007


2. Pat - 17/04/2007

Stranded in Sydney on business (well, there are worse places to be!), I was resigned to watching the match alone in a hotel room when I saw the item on the GB’s website about “Hornets Down Under”. Was therefore delighted to meet up with Geoff, Mark and the other Aussi ‘Orns, and the 7 of us had a great night watching the match. Overall, we all felt the lads did us proud – a really gutsy and promising performance, which gave Manu a real contest. 4-1 was unflattering, but we can hold our heads up high. I even got to see a glimpse of my family on the Big Screen!

If we can build on the Pompey performance and this one, then I am hopeful about next season. Cmon U ‘Orns!!

3. Ralph - 17/04/2007


4. Nick Gibb - 17/04/2007

Worrell was playing?! That Mr Boothroyd doesn’t half know how to spring a surprise selection…

5. Matt Rowson - 17/04/2007

🙂 Good call, Nick. Yes, Worrell was playing. Last seen with his head down scurrying towards a dead end somewhere near Walsall…

6. Ian - 17/04/2007

All carrots eaten by half time, forgot about any photos 😦 – after the hope had gone to belief than back to hope then just enjoying the occasion

7. Simon - 17/04/2007


A decent performance and you can’t fault the lads but it’s a rather sad state of affairs that the result was never really in doubt and where the top 4 are involved it rarely is.

Once again the top 4 will remain impenetrable and it will be the same next season.

8. Matt Rowson - 17/04/2007

Indeed, Simon. But surely that’s what the Champions League was all about? Protecting the big teams’ interests?

And yet Alan Hansen can’t see a problem. Manchester United vs Chelsea was “the final the neutral wanted”. Heaven help us.

9. Billyo - 17/04/2007


Shhh whisper it quitely but we’ve been playing it for 75% of the last two games. Cause for optimism for next year.

I thought Lee did well, though he looked a little bit match rusty. I would have liked to see him play the Pompey game to give him some match practice and ourselves the best chance possible to cause an upset. And as soon as it’s mathmatically impossible to stay up I’d like to see him back in the side too. I’m sure Aidy will be looking to next season from the moment this one is technically over.

10. Simon - 17/04/2007

That’s exactly it. I, for one, hope they remove one of our Champions League slots as it may help to even things up a little. Unfortunately, though, with the private financial backing and merchandising revenue now taken by 3 of the top 4, I fear that even that will have little effect.

It seems a little ironic that much of the plus side of being in the Championship is having a real and acheivable goal to aim for and yet, when that goal is acheived, it simply dumps you in a league that leaves the majority of sides with an ambition of survival and nothing more (what it must be to be a Middlesbrough or a Fulham fan, rarely flirting with relegation and never troubling Europe).

Still, I do still quite look forward to having another go at getting there next season.

11. Matt Rowson - 17/04/2007

I suspect that you’re right re. the stability of the top clubs, but do hope beyond hope that Platini is successful in reducing CL participation. A step in a helpful direction, at the very least.

The conflict between the instinctive desire to see us do well and the soulless lack of competition in the Prem is an ongoing one. Like you, I’m looking forward to next season. But if we go up, even if we stay up, then what?

12. Roger Simpson - 17/04/2007

A very respectable performance indeed. Saw it on the box over here. Evidently, the tie-up with ESPN to transmit FA Cup games in this part of the world also gives licence to their Spanish-language commentators to indulge in the same patronising claptrap as their UK counterparts when referring to any team outside the top four. There’s no denying that the 4-1 flattered United and that we can all be proud of the team.

Roger Simpson, Cali, Colombia

Alex Reeve - 02/11/2012

Hello Roger,

Glad to see you and Watford FC are still ad idem!

Alex Reeve

13. Jimbo - 17/04/2007

4-1 may have flattered United; No doubt however that had they set themselves the target of scoring 5, 6 or 7 they would have achieved just that.
Yes we had them on the back foot for a few minutes, but then they woke up and did just what they are capable of- slamming them past us for fun.
Having said that, I don’t think there is another side in the Premiership (other than Arsenal on their day) that is capable of performing with the flair demonstrated by MU.

14. Matt Rowson - 17/04/2007

I dunno Jimbo, it was more than a couple of minutes… more like 20 minutes at the start of the second half, which is more than Roma managed. As for “slamming them past us for fun”… all four goals owed a lot to defensive errors. Yes, United forced the errors through asking questions of us, but no it wasn’t the sexy silky United of tabloid lore.

The third goal in particular, which sealed the game and put paid to any chance we had, wasn’t the consequence of relentless United pressure was it? An attack on the break and some disorganised defending is how I remember it.

United played well, deserved the win and earned the scoreline, but don’t lets descend into Hansen-speak, please…

15. Jimbo - 19/04/2007

Matt, I must swap my specs for yours. You see (and live in) a better world than me. Don’t recall van der Saar making any saves, no last ditch challenges by United defenders, no goal line clearances, ….

I long for times past, when there was still some unpredictability about football.

Watford ’till I die.

16. hornetboy84 - 04/05/2007

Jimbo –

Go to Specsacers!

Mahon piledriver pushed away would have made it 2-2.

Panicky punches, Bouazza and Smith turning defenders, Another overhead kick…. Man U on backfoot…. it was great to watch and believe for 20mins,

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