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Watford 1 Manchester City 1 (21/04/2007) 23/04/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Match reports.

Your one-word match report is:



1. Dave - 23/04/2007


2. Ralph - 23/04/2007


3. lazza - 23/04/2007


4. Chris D'Souza - 23/04/2007


5. DM - 23/04/2007


6. Nick Gibb - 23/04/2007


7. Will - 23/04/2007

back to watfords natural and logical level in the scheme of things

8. david c. (watford) - 23/04/2007


9. Stuart - 23/04/2007


10. Ben - 24/04/2007


11. FC - 24/04/2007

Possible Scunthrope/ Carlisle / Yeovil / Blackpool
Soooooo much to look forward to!!!

12. Adam - 24/04/2007


13. Rich W - 24/04/2007


14. RS - 24/04/2007

Rootsfootballcomingsoon – much more exciting!

15. Steve H - 24/04/2007

Marlon King. Unfit, slow, overweight…..and still UTTER CLASS. Ah, if only….

16. Geoff Seal - 26/04/2007

Sorry, but next year might be similar.

17. Matt Rowson - 26/04/2007

Similar how, Geoff? We won’t be competing in a league where competition is fast being ironed out. We won’t be paying quite as much for the privilege. We won’t have to plan six months in advance in deciding to attend an away match. We won’t be treated with utter (understandable) indifference by the vast majority of fans at other grounds. We won’t, equally, see players of the quality we’ve seen this season at the Vic, by and large. Or the extremely valuable and not at all pompous pre-match ceremony/anthem (fingers crossed).

Of course, there’s the possibility that we’ll struggle again, perhaps even finish bottom. But bottom is a remote possibility, and a fairly small part of the jigsaw in the grand scheme of things.

18. Peter Smith - 27/04/2007

Well done Matt,thoroughly agree. Saturdays at 3, unpredictable results, a variety of Stadia, reasonable entry prices and classic unpredictable refs – we might even get a couple of Penalties in a while !!! – Can’t wait Bring it on

19. hornetboy84 - 04/05/2007


16 weeks and counting.

Expectation and Hope.

Goals to cheer.

Mathematics to ponder as we catch up / fear being caught etc etc

We are a top quartile club now (championship top 3 and beyond) and that is not a bad place to be.

Lets never forget our roots and what makes the club special … oh and Fulham — you deserve to go down for sacking a guy like Coleman. Disgraceful.

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