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Butternut Squash to Bramall Lane 24/04/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

Oh yes.


1. Al - 25/04/2007

This obvious statement about Watford’s class and distinction a fitting penultimate statement.

I recommend a selection from red cabbage, yellow pepper or black cherries for Reading!

2. Ben - 25/04/2007

Oh no.

3. Matt Rowson - 25/04/2007

Al… the Reading experience has been lined up for a while…

4. Esp - 26/04/2007

Dangerous choice Matt!
A vegetable too large to be concealed in my rucksack.
Could this be the first match where a BHaPPY subscriber is arrested for trying to smuggle in an offensive weapon?
“I was NOT gonna throw it at Colin, honest officer!”

5. MikeP - 26/04/2007

I presume Reading is the humble apple? I don’t think you’ve had that yet.

6. Matt Rowson - 26/04/2007

You presume wrongly; “Apples and Pears” at West Ham in the Cup, after ig gazumped my mangoes. No, Reading was always going to be about a big finish… but you’ll have to wait until next week…

7. simonw - 26/04/2007

big finish at reading? watermelon – it’s gotta be !

8. simonw - 26/04/2007

and slices won’t count

9. EMC - 26/04/2007

Now i have sumthing to look forward to…
Just what will the Reading fruit/veg be???

10. Nick Gibb - 27/04/2007

Dear Jim,
Can you fix it for me to make my Five-awaydays photo debut proudly displaying my melons at the Madjeski?
Nick (aged 37 & a half)

11. Lincoln 'Orn - 27/04/2007

Must be a marrow then, that’ll really worry the stewards!

12. Esp - 27/04/2007

“.. ig gazumped my mangoes”
Ouch – Sound painful!

13. Ralph - 28/04/2007

Big finish……………..um………………….Marrer?

14. JJ - 28/04/2007

A big finish???

I don’t think we’ll manage water melons, somehow!

15. Martin Coupe - 29/04/2007

Pumpkins – go on, you know it makes sense…

16. Esp - 29/04/2007

Are you an “Annie” fan?
To Marrer, TO Marrer it’s only a dream away.
Oh memories of a great musical 🙂

17. Adam J - 29/04/2007

i really have no idea. but my am i looking forward to it! it’s so exciting that it’s already been lined up.

18. Ralph - 30/04/2007

No Esp, not an Annie fan. More of a Doris fan.
Mind you, I have been marrerd twice!

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