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Butternut Squash at Sheffield United 30/04/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

A timely reminder of what welcomes us next season on the pitch; off it, the stakes are upped slightly as we near the finishing line in the five-a-day mission. Four individuals smuggled their wares in, which on consideration is as high a ratio of the away support as we’ve had all season.

I can't believe it's not Butternut

It’ll take more than relegation, a scrappy mess of a game and a large vegetable to dampen Don Fraser’s spirit.

Butternut wouldn't melt

Flora Nelson, looking forward to local trips to Scunny, Barnsley and Hull next season.

Ifs and Butternuts

Jeff Bartrop, whose veg can choose a row all of its own.

Butternuts and Bolts

Yours truly. “I’ll get you at Sheffield” wasn’t it, Messenger? All mouth and no trousers, as ever.


1. EMC - 01/05/2007

The first two pictures have got thesame bloke in the background!!
Clever lad.

2. Fran - 03/05/2007

My niece (or her parents, anyway) chose last Saturday for her first holy communion so I missed my first game of the season. You guys have me so indoctrinated that I took a butternut squash to church. I really do have to get a life.

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