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Watermelons to Reading 01/05/2007

Posted by Matt Rowson in Five-a-day Awaydays.

Correctly called by two punters late last week, “Watermelons to Reading” was always going to be the big finish.  My co-editor has, conveniently, wussed out again, but are you, unlike him, up to this largest of challenges?  Slices, as has been suggested, are a cop-out…

 (This is obviously a bit of a mission, but should provide some entertainment.  After all, you can’t be going for the bloody football…)


1. Adam J - 02/05/2007

Great stuff. I can just imagine it now. One Reading fan nudges the guy next to him and points to the away stand and says with a puzzled look on his face, ‘Oi, is that guy holding a Walermelon?’

2. Hal Berstram - 02/05/2007

I think you should go with “Bell Fruit” to Reading and see who can lug a fruit machine into the ground. If you can run it off a generator it provides entertainment if the football ain’t very good.

3. Fran - 03/05/2007

While I knew this was coming, I now find that I will be arriving back from a business trip to the US on Saturday morning. Given that I would be arrested if I tried to smuggle fruit back to the UK, this does not give me a lot of time for shopping. It may have to be a plastic container of chunks from me (feeling inadequate already).

4. Esp - 04/05/2007

Have you never heard of Tescos or Sainsbury’s Fran?
Don’t tell me you’re so American these days that you have forgotten that Berkshire supermarkets ARE open on Saturday mornings and do serve a fine array of fruit and vegetables. WFC have cancelled the Russo’s contract to supply the club with Watermelons so I’m getting mine from Jimmy (a close personal friend)

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